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The Scott Stones

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The Scott Stones


The Scott Stones   PRESS RELEASE---May 23, 1998 Dateline-Miami, Florida

  Forwarded by; (Steven L. Wilson Sr)


"We have a truly majestic statement to make to the world!" says Aaron DuVal, president of the Egyptology Society in Miami, Florida. And continues: "It may come as little surprise to some and great surprise to others; some will be jubilant, some will be horrified; and some will be saddened almost beyond words. But, regardless of the jealousies, fears, and clambering assumptions, we are pleased and honored to announce on behalf of and with the permission of the discoverers, that "The Scott Stones" are not merely the remains of some ancient and unexpected megalithic society which existed, long ago near Bimini; but they are in fact, part of the "Atlantis of romantic legend" -- the very Atlantis which Plato described!


Yes! And the explorers can now prove it! They had already discovered ancient calendars, maps, clay artifacts, etc. --but the real clincher to this claim was their discovery of ancient records at the site!


Once again, according to the explorers, it was the knowledge of Professor Scott (in whose honor the stones were first named) which allowed them to initially locate the actual records -- records which can be expected to vastly illuminate our understanding of the earlier days of mankind! And, as for any previous presumptions that these ruins might somehow lead to a reinterpretation of the history of civilization; these presumptions can no longer be looked upon as mere conjecture!


But you say, What, exactly, makes these explorers so sure that their find is actually part of Plato's Atlantis?


Well, their answer is: There's a lot of talk these days about the possibility of finding ancient records, especially around Giza; but everyone seems to have forgotten about the original records of Sais. The explorers say they've identified the long-lost chronological records used by the priest of Sais, who first informed Solon, back in the sixth century B.C. The existence of these records was confirmed, as you may know, following the days of Plato; but, they subsequently fell into obscurity. The explorers say they've located and deciphered these very records; and that these Egyptian records correlate with the records found at the Scott Stones! The record is the same, they say, on both sides of the ocean! and the Sais/Solon/Plato-account for the end of the Atlantean Empire can now be independently confirmed!


The Scott Stones were discovered some three and one-half years ago; and the explorers, themselves, had hoped to bring the information to the public last summer. But personal injury, sickness, and threats of betrayal severely stalled their original efforts. Now, after months and months of delay, the information is lining up, nicely; and the discoverers are looking forward to revealing their identities. So, they have tentative plans to try, once again, this summer or certainly by the fall, to introduce the information to the public. They have not, as yet, stepped forward personally; simply because they have not wished any hindrance in their on-going research.


"As for the two sets of records, however, they are still being intensely studied and interpreted. So, nothing further will be released, just now, pertaining to these records. But, be sure, some very exciting pictures, publications, graphics, and video are already ready and more are being prepared! And the Egyptology Society in Miami hopes to play a role in bringing this history-shaking information to the fore.


So, the proof is now in. But, of course, Atlantis is a somewhat querulant subject in many circles. And, it seems, that most of the "authorities" that have been approached so far, have found themselves instantly appalled by the mere thought of such a possibility. Soon, however, some of these "authorities" may find themselves sorely embarrassed.


One of the reasons that the Egyptology Society has been included as part of this exciting adventure, is that I personally feel, just as the discoverers, that this very precious information should, by all means, completely by-pass the contemptuous and doubt-filled "established order", -- until such time as: all the evidence has been fully prepared for the slaughter!


There may be further reports through Nexus Magazine or through future press releases, according to the opinion of Mr. DuVal. Interviewed for the Egyptology Society: May 23 1998, in Miami, Florida. CONTACT; Aaron DuVal, President, Egyptology Society, c/o Miami Museum of Science,  3280 South Miami Ave.,  Miami, FL 33129, USA



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