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Possible Explanations Into Some Ghostly Sightings

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Possible Explanations Into Some Ghostly Sightings


Forwarded By; Richard Courtier <>


Hi All


I thought this was interesting concerning possible cause of (some) ghostly apparitions. Taken from The Daily Mail Monday June 29 (why isn't it on line to save me typing). (Me)


Infra-sound, noises to deep to be heard by the human ear are being blamed for the classic symptoms of haunting - visions of ghosts and the terror that goes with them. The low frequency waves can be caused by everyday phenomena such as wind moaning around a building or a car engine. We may not hear them but scientists have known for years that they can effect our bodies and moods (come across this before haven't we).


Vic Tandy, a 43 year old computer expert at Coventry University, made the link between infra-sound and ghosts after experiencing a terrifying haunting in his laboratory late one night. He had dismissed earlier tales of haunting at his work place until alone one night.


He started to feel very uncomfortable and was sweating as well as feeling anxious. He sensed he was being watched and from the corner of his eye a grey object started to form near him. He felt very scared and after a short while plucked up courage to look at the object, as he did so it faded. He thought he had been working to hard and went home.


Next day, Mr. Tandy, a fencing enthusiast, was working on his foil in the laboratory where he saw the apparition when he noticed the foil vibrating. Knowing enough about physics to think that it was most likely caused by a "standing wave" of low frequency sound, and enough physiology to know of the possible effects on the body.


He identified the source of the wave as a powerful extractor fan nearby, and by moving the clamp holding the foil around the room, pinpointed where the wave energy was strongest. This was exactly the spot over the desk where his head had been the night he saw the ghost. After modifying the fan mounting the wave and the hauntings disappeared.


The infra-sound has two effects. It causes the eyeball to vibrate in sympathy and so blurs vision, it also causes you to over breathe or hyperventilate. This triggers feelings of fear and anxiety which in turn makes you hyperventilate more. A small object or a small movement in the periphery of your vision is all that is needed to start the phenomenon. The brain then fills in the details from the subconscious. If you are scared the mind can play terrible tricks.


Mr. Tandy believes his explanations is most likely to apply in a corridor or any long sealed space where the air can be made to vibrate. But he admits his theory is not an answer to all paranormal sightings. He said he proved how his ghost was made, but there are plenty of cases where this doesn't apply.


Can animals hear low frequency sounds or is it only high pitched, could explain some of their antics which we cannot perceive?





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