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Haunts Of Brisbane Investigating Reports

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Haunts Of Brisbane Investigating Reports


Monday, June 15, 1998


On this night we planned to get out and about and do some real sleuthing about. A few days earlier I had gone out to Moggill cemetery in order to scope it out. When I arrived there, there was nobody around so I decided to take my time and have a good look around. I found that many of the graves here were unmarked, although a few could be seen as indents in the ground. I felt that this would be a good cemetery to study, as it was nice and quiet and dated back quite some time - 1854. So I ventured in to find that a lot of vandalism had occurred here, with many of the gravestones pushed over. Up until this point I had been feeling a little uneasy about walking around, and this was probably the reason for this nasty feeling. Anyways, I snapped a couple of pictures for the files and had gone home. I did not tell any of the others about the layout of the cemetery apart from the fact that it was set some way back from the road. So everything was fine and dandy.


Anyway, it came time to go out on our investigation. We drove out to the cemetery, and were all chatting away and were all in good spirits (excuse the pun). We arrived at the bush track leading into the cemetery without any trouble and proceeded to drive in to get to the graves. Suddenly, one of our group started to panic in the back of the car, so I pulled up quick thinking she had seen something in the surrounding bush. Keep in mind that none of the others had seen the cemetery before and had no idea of the layout. She then said that she had had a horrible dream about this cemetery a few nights earlier, and had woken screaming. She proceeded to tell us that when we arrived at the cemetery, we would all hop out of the car and sit in the small pagoda, when the fog would begin to part and an apparition would come across the cemetery and get us all. She also said that when we drove into the bush track, everything around her had kind of disappeared and it had felt like she was floating down the track through the mist. I think that everyone else in the car was having a bit of a hard time believing her, except for me.


We had to proceed in to the cemetery before we could turn around. And that is when everybody realised why she and I were really panicky about the whole deal. When we came in sight of the cemetery, there was really thick mist all over the ground. And to top it all off, there was the pagoda that only I knew about and had not told anybody else about. What really brought it all home was the fact that I told everybody, on the very fast trip back down the bush track away from the cemetery, that I had planned for us all to sit in the pogoda for a while in order for the spirits to get used to us - a plan I had kept to myself up until this point. This kind of put a dampener on the evening. However, it was even spookier that she had dreamt of the pagoda which I had not told anyone about (and is not something you could guess - how often do you see something like that at a small pioneer cemetery?) and had also dreamt of the thick fog, which did not appear or could be seen anywhere other than at the cemetery. This was really spooky. And the fact that a spirit would try and get us was also alarming, seeing as the cemetery was in such bad condition and the spirits here had had quite a few less than friendly visitors in the past.


So not much happened at Moggill cemetery. We then proceeded to Chapel Hill cemetery in order to try and save our now deflated Investigation night. We arrived at around 12:30 and took a few snap shots from just within the cemetery, however everyone was too shaken up after the performance in the car to go in any further. One of our cameras would not work without the flash, regardless of much mucking about with it, so we decided to go home at about 1:00. We still came away with a few photos and hope to get them processed soon. We also had a tape recorder running to try and capture any EVPs however the spirits here were silent. I think the state of mind we were in at the time did not help the situation, as it is always wise to have a positive attitude - something I think we were lacking on this occasion, and for a good reason as well. It is also a good idea to follow your gut instinct and after Moggill cemetery I think we all just wanted to go home. Oh well, there will always be a next time - next time!



Thursday, July 23, 1998


Tonight we decided to go check out the South Brisbane cemetery. This is a cemetery that we have not really been to before, so we were interested to see if anything was out and about. So, we drove out there and had a hard time trying to figure out how to get to the back entrance. Eventually we found it and went a little way in, just to get a general vibe of the place. However, it was pretty overcast and not too much on the warm side (it was blowing a gale and was bloody freezing - the things we do!), and it was also very dark and a little spooky, so we packed up and decided to do a little extra work on Chapel Hill cemetery. We believe if the first vibe of a graveyard isn't a good one, it's best to move on to another as a precaution. As you may have read in the last report, our previous visit to Chapel Hill was only for a short period of time and we weren't in the best of spirits, so we didn't really pay it the kind of attention we would have liked. We felt that this cemetery had something more to offer, so had vowed to come back and spend a little more time here. So, off we went on our investigation.


So we ended up at Chapel Hill at about 11:45 and got out of the car. We were all pretty confident that it was going to be a good night out, so we entered into the find that it was noticably colder here than it had been in the car park. I don't know how to explain it, but there was a weird feeling in the air here, and about half way in, we noticed a weird grey blurry kind of mist hanging in the air around the centre of the cemetery. I guess I can't really call it a mist, although in the torchlight it kind of looked like we were looking through a kind of grey tinted sheet of glass - it's kind of hard to explain unless you were there to see it for yourself. This came as a bit of a surprise, although we felt that this was a sign that our investigation may actually be fruitful. So, we walked around a bit and took quite a few photos of different areas of the grounds. We also took along the tape recorder again in the hopes of catching some EVPs, however I have listened to it once and nothing has really jumped out at me yet. Will keep you posted on this one! Anyway, through walking around, we found a very cold spot at the front of the cemetery, which we figured required photographing.


During most of our time here, there was a strange feeling hanging in the air, but I would not call it bad - more like a 'welcome' feeling. Even now, we tend to be a bit on the cautious side when entering cemeteries, although I felt no fear here and was more than happy to wander around without feeling threatened. While at this cemetery, we have only really felt welcome, and have never had any bad or worrying feelings. Through our travels around the graveyard, there was a feeling of being followed, so on the way out I spun around and snapped off a couple of photos for the record. It should be interesting to see if anything comes out in these. That pretty much concluded our night, and we headed home with a confident feeling of our investigation. Keep an eye on this page in reference to the photos from the past two investigations. The film from the first is in the process of being processed and the film from this investigation is not far behind. So now we know that if we don't find anything at other cemeteries in the area, the occupants of Chapel Hill will always 'welcome' us back!



Wednesday, July 29, 1998


Tonight we planned to go back to Chapel Hill for another Investigation, although our plans changed slightly and we ended up at Brookfield. We had been here before, although had never done an indepth investigation. We arrived at about 10:30pm (we wanted this to be a relatively early night!) and hopped out of the car. I would have to say that the feeling we were greeted with was not one of being truly welcome, however we pressed on, trying not to feel too scared. However, we found that this kind of forboding feeling only occurred while standing outside the cemetery. Once we were inside, the feeling seemed to disappear and the mood swung around to a very peaceful, open feeling. We decided to work from the outside and make our way slowly to the centre, taking photos at fairly regular intervals. It was about 12° but the sky was clear and the air was fresh, so we went about doing what we do.


Once we started to move around near the graves, there was a definite presence looming in the air. The others decided to stick to around the edges, and I braved the darkness to head into the central part. Meanwhile, I was taking care to look out for unmarked graves and was also taking photos of the cemetery from different angles around me. This time we had decided not to take the tape recorder along with us but had taken along a compass to see if we could find any strange electrical fields. At some points in the cemetery, the needle was moving quite considerably, in the range of about 40-50 degrees off centre. I took this as a good sign and continued into the cemetery. As I approached the middle of the cemetery, I had the distinct feeling of being followed by more than one person. Thinking this was some of the others, I turned around to say a quick hello, to find that the others were still back at the cemetery edge some 30 metres away. Not disheartened, I snapped a couple more photos and then proceeded back to the edge where the others were still taking photos and experimenting with their low-light camera settings.


We finished up and went back to the car, and decided to go home, although I still had about 6 exposures left on my camera. So we decided to do a round trip home via Toowong so we could visit the site we had gone to last time, with some success. So, we turned around and headed out to Toowong and took some photos close to the last site we had visited. This allowed me to use up the last few pics on the film roll, so I could have it processed the next day! So keep in touch and keep an eye out for any new photos we have of this investigation. For the next investigation, we plan to head off further afield and investigate a new cemetery maybe - that would be fun and interesting to boot! So keep your eye on this page to see the next thrilling installment of the Brisbane Ghost Hunters. The proof is in the photos!



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