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Voices From The Netherworld? Or Not!

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Voices From The Netherworld? Or Not!


(True Story) by Trudy W. Schuett


We live not far from the Colorado river in AZ, in area that is agricultural land. Here in Yuma, we produce a big percentage of the country's lettuce. The fields are delineated by canals that provide all the water for growing things, since this is low desert with maybe two inches of rain a year.


We're about 15 miles from town on road that has only five houses, so if I'm alone at home, I'm the only person in about five square miles. One morning several years ago, I waved goodbye to my husband and son as they went off to work, and went back inside to read a book. I like quiet while I'm reading, so didn't have even a radio on.


I was just settling onto the story when I started hearing somebody talking , back near the bathroom. My first thought was that someone had broken in while I was outside, but the dogs were quiet, and our dogs take exception to strangers. The voice stopped after a minute, long enough for me to summon my courage and investigate. There wasn't anybody back there, but I started hearing the voice again, coming from the bathroom. I looked and didn't see anything, but the dog trotted over to the toilet, cocking his head in the way dogs do. Sure enough, when the voice started again, that's where it was coming from.


At least if the dog heard it, I knew I wasn't losing my marbles.I couldn't make out the words, but it sounded like Spanish. Maybe somebody was outside in a truck with a radio. I went outside and looked, but there was no truck that I could see. I was standing by the outside wall of the bathroom, and heard it again, coming from inside.


Then I heard a truck engine start, and that I knew was not possible inside my little house. I was ready to chalk it up to life's unexplained mysteries, and as I headed for the door, a reflection caught my eye. About two miles away, at the side of a canal, were two guys talking-one inside a truck, the other standing by the canal. I could watch them while standing by the bathroom wall, and by their movements (they were doing a lot of pointing) could see that somehow the sound from over there was somehow making it up thru my toilet.


For some reason it only works when there's somebody at that particular spot, but when I hear the toilet talking I know it's not the Tidybowl Man!



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