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True Story Poltergeists Do Exist!

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True Story Poltergeists Do Exist!


By Peki /


(EDITOR'S NOTE: The SASSY that is mentioned in this story is not me, (even though it is a young child) just thought I would let you all know since a lot of people know me by that name, don't want a mass mailing of letters asking me questions.) <g> Poltergeists do exist.... OH YES! I had to find this out the hard way! :) It all began one day in 1985 when my late husband decided we should make his business trip a vacation of sorts to Reno, NV. Think the month was September. The whole trip started off great...we'd never been to Nevada before and the sight seeing was awesome. I'd known that it would be a tall story hotel before we left and since I despise the height my late husband had assured I that the room would be on a lower floor. Upon arrival he returns to the car and informs me the room had been changed to the sixth floor. Naturally I groaned in agony and even threatened I'd stay in the car! :) He snapped, "Fine if you feel you have no other alternative!" After a few minutes more of debating I agreed to climb out of the car.


Upon the sixth floor I had decided I could manage as long as I didn't go near the window. In horror I stared at the room number on the door...6! Groaning I said, "This is just great! Not only the sixth floor but now the damn sixth room! " By now Gary is laughing, (my late husband). Inside the room I plopped my suitcase on the large bed next to the door. My daughter let out a shriek she was not sleeping alone and she wanted the bed next to the window! (In this moment I felt already some sort of demon was on my back)!:) This debate was short because Gary agreed to sleep with her. :)


The next day Sassy and I spent the day writing out our postcards, Gary had gone to a meeting and would not return until evening. While we were writing cards on the bed next to the door (not the window) :) Sassy let out a piercing screech! Grabbing my arm she points to the window. Upon glance I gasped! Was preparing to lounge for the door when I seen a bucket with the fellow hanging on his hips! :) Consoling Sassy I explained he was washing the windows. Trying hard to avoid looking at him because my hands were perspiring causing the pen to slip as I wrote out the cards. Knowing he was hanging on a cord or rope caused me to feel high anxiety to say the least! Sassy shook my arm whispering, "That man...look at him, he's staring at us!" Feeling annoyed I growled back, "Please ignore this man Sassy, do your thing and let him do his ok ?" In a few more minutes I'm not sure of why I looked at the window... but when I did the face of the man staring in with a horror affixed expression shocked me! I joked with Sassy saying, "Huh, do we look that scary to this poor guy?" In the next moment he is gliding down fast leaving the area! :) The whole scene puzzled me and I felt my nerves on edge and the slightest thump in the room would cause me to jump in fear. I ventured to use the small table next to the window, by now I'm feeling less anxiety to be near the height we were at. Your typical five-year-old child, Sassy would point out the pictures on the wall to me, yapping the idle jabber. Suddenly she yells, "Oh no this poor guy is falling from this rope in the picture. Look at this Mommy, come closer...please hurry!" Only a mother would know my mood set in this moment! ;) (Well, I suppose a dad too)! Nevertheless I obeyed her commands and looked and with surprise I noticed the guy was falling in the painting. His face was even sketched with the traumatic expression.


Sassy and I went out to eat our breakfast and hung around for two hours out window shopping and playing the games. It was refreshing to be out of that room and frankly I think I was stalling time to remain gone! However good things have to end so we returned to the room. I went to the small table to finish my cards and Sassy ran to her toys. Suddenly the light above the table crashed on my head...Sassy started screaming and to calm her I pretended all was fine as I nervously looked for blood on my head. (The pain was excruciating; pretending to be fine was not convincing Sassy, as I'm sure the pain was revealed on my face)! The headache sent me to the bed. By the time Gary arrived I was ready to hurry out of the room for the evening. (We remained in the circus lobby for hours).


We were there for four days and in the beginning I felt this was not long at all, now I'm feeling the days will never end. :) It was the third night the conditions became worse. We'd come back to the room extremely tired from hours in the lobby playing games and amusing Sassy. She also was very tired and cranky and behaving unreasonable. She demanded a photograph be taken of her and all her stuffed animals she had won a few hours earlier plus. I'd already gone to the bathroom and prepared for bed and Gary decided to take the photo to pacify her. :) However, her demands continued and she insisted the drapes remained pulled opened so she could watch any planes that may come in. By now I'm too tired to argue and I crawled in bed with her and watched the star lit sky. My eyes were heavy and closing when suddenly she leaps on me clutching my chest digging her nails in my breasts! Her whole body was in a tremor as she points to the window shrieking, "LOOK AT THAT UGLY FACE STARING IN!"! Sitting up feeling dubious...I strained my eyes to see the face she was referring to but could see nothing but the quite dark sky. There was not even planes coming in. I laughed and consoled her that we are six stories up; nobody would venture this height to peek in a window! :) She became even more hysterical that I couldn't see the face. She'd grab my face and hold my head positioned and plead...'CAN'T YOU SEE THAT UGLY FACE? " Then she'd shiver! She started pleading for me to close the drapes and I was reluctant at first because I was enjoying the sky gaze for pacifying me to sleep. So to get sleep though I decided closing the drapes was the only way I would, so I grabbed the string and began pulling and a loud hissing sound caused both Sassy and I to leap off the floor. The noise was so loud I glared at Gary sleeping and commented to Sassy, "Lord that man would sleep through an earthquake!" :) After we had calmed a bit we both climbed back in bed...trying to laugh this off! After I was assured Sassy was asleep I curled up and went to sleep...


Sleep? The worst night of my life! As I tried to sleep I was tormented with a nasal cunning voice repeating, "Come to us darling we all love you...come on and join us here. " (I'd want to and asked how I could get there...)! The voice continued on and on...nagging me to come on... Even acted like a sergeant in a boot camp in command...with the thunderous voice commands, "JUMP TO US!" He even said, "I am in command you will jump and join us!" I'd cry out no and try to push the cunning demanding voice away...finally the loud thunderous nasal voice was louder and furious! He bellows loudly, "Listen carefully...take the lamp and break the window and jump to us it now! NOW! We wait here, hurry! (Feeling defeated I knew I'd never get rest until I obeyed, so my hands scrambled on the night table to find the lamp and carry out the order. As I'm holding the lamp firmly a rustling noise alerted me awake. Complete shock took over me at this point as I realized what I was about to do, the way I was so fearful of the height! Common sense manifested then and I realized I was confronted with evil for the first time, remembering the bible that had laid on the nightstand, I pulled the drawer opened and quickly pulled it out and firmly laid it on top again. As I laid back for sleep again I felt serene peace engulf me. Slept comfortably until the next morning around nine. Every time I remembered this night, shivers took over my body because I knew this was evil ... any atheist would have possibly died because they would not have had the faith enough to trust the bible. Survival is in the faith and trust, everybody should know this if they're ever confronted.


The following few hours left in Reno, NV was the longest hours for me. I was so fearful that I'd fall prey to another scheme of the evil. Keeping my eye on the bible I was restless wanting to leave now! Gary was not quite as religious as I was; therefore he was not as superstitious either. He didn't quite believe in evil behavior of ghosts . Needless to say I felt alone in Reno and was more than anxious to get home. .


(When the movie Poltergeist was in the movies, I laughed and asked, "Do they expect us to believe this thing exists)? :) I'd grow up with ghosts and fairy tales even the aliens from afar, but this face of a ghost called a Poltergeist? :) When the photographs came blood froze when I seen the ugly face in the window in the exact place Sassy had pointed to! She says, "See...I tried to tell you...why couldn't you see him?" Good question! Why couldn't my eyes see the face that night? The evil face was now vivid, and there to haunt me once more. As I sit and thought I realized the tragedy this could have been for the entire family. Before I had left for Reno my mother and I had argued bitterly on the phone over a dispute I'd had with my younger brother and his wife. Chills took over my body upon realizing if I had obeyed the evil request, broke the window and jumped to my death, this tragedy would have destroyed the family! My mother and brother would have felt deep sorrow and in turn my children would have not forgiven the family as well. Nor my husband! So, I hope this story can help someone else in the future! :)



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