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Nature Of The Alien

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Nature Of The Alien


A Commentary To Determine The Origin, Nature And Purpose Of The Alien/UFO Phenomenon (Alex Ryder)

Fowarded By: UFO Sky Searchers International


It seems that "unidentified flying objects" certainly do exist - they are things that fly, and we aren't always sure what they are. Here's an interesting article I found on the E.D.G.E site, and I'm sure it will ruffle a few feathers here, but oh well, truth is truth. Here goes:


NATURE OF THE ALIEN A Commentary To Determine The Origin, Nature And Purpose Of The Alien/UFO Phenomenon As I've stated in another article regarding alien abductions, due to the large quantities of UFO-related documented evidence which I have researched over the past few years, I am not convinced of the positive nature or motivations of these so-called alien beings, if that is indeed what they truly are.... Anyone who has done any degree of study in this area should have some serious reservations regarding this entire issue.


After much thought and study on this topic, my strongest tendency at the present, is to believe that aliens are spiritual deceptive entities who are gearing up for what I prefer to call 'The Grand Deceit'...a plan to enslave humanity by means of their power which, while being truly spiritual in nature, may be explained as being nothing more than advanced scientific technology from their home world(s). If my understanding of scripture is anywhere near correct , Satan & a third of the angels (dragon and 1/3 of the stars in the Book of Revelation), will soon pay the Earth a visit & attempt to set up their kingdom here. This will be after a great spiritual battle in the Heavenly realm against Michael the Archangel. As a result of losing this war, Satan/Lucifer will be permanently cast out of Heaven where he accuses the saints day & night. In great wrath, he and his demonic followers will come down to the Earth.


This sounds very much like what we hear & read regarding the Dracos or Reptilians. Remember, in the Bible, Satan is referred to both as a serpent (in Genesis), and also as a dragon (in Revelation). Both of these creatures are reptiles. We also have the case of the feathered serpent god Quetzalcoatl from Mexico. As to exactly how this invasion will occur, I am really not sure. They may either fake a benevolent invasion from space, or it could be they will actually visit us in a spiritual form and inhabit/possess human leaders who will carry out their dastardly plans for world domination, the Kingdom of Darkness. This whole scenario can be understood through the Biblical concepts of the Beast/Anti-Christ, False Prophet, Mark of the Beast/666, etc.


I have also considered the possibility that the alien/UFO phenomenon may be a grand hoax perpetrated upon the people of Earth by those behind the NWO to conceal their plans for world domination. In other words, there may be an 'alien visitation,' but its origins may be right here from on Earth. Need I mention Area 51, S-4, black projects & all other related topics? The US or UN led shadow government may create a false crisis so that they can implement worldwide martial law while they fight the evil 'aliens'. If this is true, these UFO waves, purported alien abductions, etc. may all be part of a carefully fabricated and orchestrated plan which has been going on for decades. Those behind this devilish plan need some kind of catalyst to convince folks that 'temporarily' giving up their rights is necessary while the war is being fought against the 'alien' invaders. Some powerful event must occur to cause the world to want to unite under their masters. Within conspiracy circles, these 'masters' are identified as the IMF, the UN, the Trilateral Commission, the Rockefellers, the Bilderberger group, the Rothchilds, the Masons, the Illuminati, & other related secret societies at the helm of world business transactions.


As has been said, if these aliens are real in the sense that they truly are from other planets, & if they are here for the welfare of humankind, why the abductions? Why the secrecy? If they are benevolent angelic beings sent by God, why don't they tell us so? Why do they say they are from other planets or from some Galactic Federation? The Pleiadians and Nordics come to mind in this instance. Do these aliens accept the sovereignty of Christ? Clearly , most if not all of them, do not. In line with New Age thought, Jesus is reduced to the status of one of many Ascended Masters, the Great White Brotherhood, the Angelic Hierarchy, the Avatars, etc. He is stripped of his status as Saviour, and is made an equal with the likes of Mohammed, Buddha, Moses, etc. My observation is that most New Age doctrine is a strange mixture of the Space Brothers concept along with bits of Christianity thrown in, as well as other Eastern religions. It seems as if the whole intent here is to try to please everyone & draw everyone into the web of deceit by promoting an atmosphere of open- mindedness. In a sly way, it appears as if the purpetrators of New Age thought are saying that it is better than all other belief systems because it attempts to assimilate all of them to varying degrees. Those who do not accept New Age thought are thus made to appear as the narrow- minded villains.


If these alien beings are so powerful as they claim, surely the governments of this world do not possess the power or means to prevent them from revealing themselves to us in a very open way if they so desire. Obviously, it is not their wish to reveal themselves...and if not, we are obligated to ask, then why not? We have heard & read prediction after prediction of a soon coming massive UFO landing. Consider for example, the followers of the teachings of Sheldon Nidle who expected a 1996 UFO landing. What do they say now that it hasn't happened? We have heard of predictions like this for decades from many self-proclaimed prophets, seers, psychics and holy men. They have all failed. Of course, as has always been the case, an explanation is presented which usually satisfies the diehard followers so they can continue living in their deception. The date is moved up, or else the followers are told that humanity by their decisions has changed the course of events...but a plausible excuse for failure is provided. An excuse is given. The psychic, prophet, seer or channeler must maintain their own credibility at all cost with their followers...and the followers are usually quick to forgive them.


Those who make predictions of massive UFO landings on a certain date are committing a grave error... And it may in fact end up being their grave if they are proven wrong!


While some may deny it, UFOlogy has become a religion just like any other...and like many in organized religion, some UFOlogists have created their dogmas and beliefs & don't want to be confused with the facts. It is for this reason when persons like myself comes along and try to present a Biblical perspective on things, we are often shunned, ridiculed, or told to go elsewhere. In my view, how can someone claim to be searching for the truth in the alien/UFO phenomenon, if they are not willing to consider all possibilities and facets? To immediately disregard the Bible, which is full of unusual verses & incidents which may point to the spiritual nature of the UFO phenomenon, is not being impartial in ones investigation for the truth. Some folks want to be so convinced that these beings and vehicles originate on other planets, that they will consciously reject anything which might suggest otherwise . It is akin to living in denial of what might be the truth, or creating ones own delusion. For more info on this topic of UFO's in the Bible, please refer to my article, 'Clouds, UFO's And The Bible' and other related writings.


I have been studying UFOlogy very closely for quite some time now. I have read it all, from MJ-12, the Krill Papers & Bill Cooper, to the Space Brothers, Pleiadian channeling, the photon belt, & moving into a higher dimension. I find much of it fascinating, almost to the point of being believable...& it truly excites me to think of the possibilities, but then I think of the deceitfulness of Satan, and of how Jesus warned us that if it were possible, he (Satan ), would deceive the very elect. It is my belief that there are many who are even now being deceived by lying spirits, false prophets and false messiahs, false voices. Are those who claim to be the channeled voices of entities from space or some other dimension really that? Could they be only our own vain imaginations, or the deceitfulness of our own proud hearts? Could it be just our own egos trying to project ourselves as somebody who is spiritual or 'in-tune' to the cosmos? Could it be that our hunger for some type of esoteric knowledge is causing us to err from the truth?


Through its rejection of God's truth, the world is becoming more enveloped in darkness every day. What many claim to be Light, is the exact opposite. We are told that because people will not have a love for the truth, God shall send them strong delusion that they should believe a lie. Clearly, this is happening right now. The apostasy predicted in the Bible is happening right before our very eyes. Many are leaving the truth of God's Word, to embrace the misguided doctrines of the New Age... but what they don't realize is that they are bringing upon themselves the darkest age this world will ever know...and it is in this coming darkness that the Prince of Darkness will flourish for a short time. Yes folks, whether you call him Quetzalcoatl, a Draco, a Reptilian, the dragon of Revelation, or by any other name, & regardless of how he will choose to manifest himself to the world, he is that same sly serpent from the very beginning of time! Don't you be his next meal! (1 Peter 5:8)



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