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Chupacabra Killed By Motorist?

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Chupacabra Killed By Motorist?


By:Austin Drews "to view picture"


In the September of 1996, a strange animal was found in a little Louisiana town called Dequincy by Barbara Mullins. She took a picture of this unusual roadkill and brought it to the town newspaper, called the Dequincy News. They wrote the following paragraph:


THE DEQUINCY NEWS Sept. 25, 1996

WHAT IS IT? Mrs. Barbara Mullins took this photograph of an animal that apparently had been killed by a car on the Pearce road east of Temple-inland. It was the size of a very large dog and was covered with thick wooly hair. It had the general appearance of a dog, except for the face, which looked somewhat like that of a baboon. Was it a dog or some unidentified animal?


That area of the US has had many unexplained mutilations in the past 100 years.



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