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Haunted Places

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Haunted Places


Haunted Places/ by Dennis William Hauck


"In almost any town in America, or within a short drive, there are places where strange things are happening. Hundreds of houses, hotels, businesses, schools, museums, restaurants, and theaters are believed to have resident poltergeists and ghosts. Many campgrounds, parks, and cemeteries are on land considered inhabited by spirits. Some areas are thought to generate vortexes of psychic energy. Others are known for frequent sightings of mysterious creatures or UFOs. From Hawaii to Maine, this fascinating book leads you to more than 2,000 haunted sites, most of them open to the public. You'll find ghosts both famous and obscure from the lawless days of the Gold Rush, from the Revolutionary War, the Civil War, and the Roaring Twenties, as well as ghosts who first appeared in the 1990s. Besides a detailed history and recent sightings, results of parapsychological investigations are detailed. Photographs of many sites, as well as photos of apparitions, are included. Entries are organized by state and each one is referenced to an extensive bibliography of over 200 original sources for those desiring more information. Addresses, phone numbers, and travel directions are provided for all locations, and a 15-page index makes finding cases easy. HAUNTED PLACES by Dennis William Hauck is a most unusual travel guide for the tourist who has seen it all and an indispensable casebook for serious researchers. HAUNTED PLACES, Penguin 1996. 486 pages/100 photos. Oversize Quality Paperback. $15.95 Call 800-253-6476 to order by telephone."


I have a newsletter (THE HAUCK REPORT) and I will mention your "World of the Strange" with your email address for subscribers. I really enjoy it! Keep up the good work.


Best Regards,


Dennis William Hauck


EDITORS NOTE; Coming in later 99' Dennis W. Hauck will be coming out with an updated version of Haunted Places, he has also proposed an international edition, but have yet to hear anything back from Penguin publishers on this yet.



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