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Animal Mutilations

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Animal Mutilations


Animal Mutilations By (Ellen Hecht, CHt) Reply to:


First, you know, we are a squimish bunch, us humans. When we see a death we are reminded of our own vulnerability our mortality - our eventual demise. We think of the grotesqueness of these animal mutilations and talk with fear about them. We ask so many questions and don't wait for any answers to rush to the next one. Who is doing this? Why? For a moment, lets assume this is the work of alien beings. Let's stop there for a minute. Okay. That's a lot to accept. We swallow that, freak out and we want to know "why?" Why? I would say its enough to accept it is an act of aliens (for now let's not go any farther). Has anyone ever realized that these animal deaths are reassuring? I for one, believe that aliens kidnap us and perform experiments on us. But these abductees, as fearful and bewildered as they are, find themselves back in their cars or back in their beds, alive. Their ears haven't been surgically lopped off. There rectums haven't been "corred out." There bodies haven't been drained of blood.


Shouldn't that give us the message that the aliens revere human life and KNOW THE DIFFERENCE between animals and humans? If they wanted to, they could just as easily kill us, mutilate us, etc. Doesn't anyone find that reassuring? Okay, now that we've acknowledged that, go on and try to figure out about animal mutilations. Just be reassured. The aliens know the difference. Now you can go and ask: Why? Why?



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