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Las Vegas Mutilation in 94

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Las Vegas Mutilation in 94'


On February 24, 1994, Las Vegas rancher, Bonnie Martin found a one year old steer dead in a small corral, missing its genitalia and left ear, and the animal's rectum had been neatly cored out. The ear incision featured an unusual serrated cut, as if a type of pinking shear instrument had been used. Martin reported the UAD (Unusual Animal Death) to the local authorities and Las Vegas veterinarian Garth Lamb came to the scene and performed an examination on the steer. He was startled to find that genital tissue had been removed from the belly, and the urethra had been closed up by hide tissue. In addition, he found that penile tissue was missing from inside the body. In a video tape shot by Knapp, Dr. Lamb is heard asking Martin, "Are you sure this was a steer?" He, and subsequently Dr. Altshuler, were not able to determine the cause of death.


Realizing that the condition of the steer was highly unusual, and thinking the animal may have been shot in the head, Lamb obtained permission to remove the steer's head to have an X-ray taken of the skull back at his office. He was shocked to find a 1.5 inch by 1.25 inch section of skull had been neatly removed, just below the ear incision, and further tests revealed no metal fragments had been left behind by the cutting implement and there was no evidence of a bullet. The strange condition of the skull had not been apparent to Dr. Lamb in his field examination of the steer and was only revealed in the x-rays.


Dr. Altshuler was sent tissue samples and testing revealed that, although evidence of high-heat was not found around the incisional areas , evidence was found of a sharp instrument being utilized to make the cuts in the hide. As with a vast majority of these UAD reports, no one in the vicinity had heard anything unusual the night the animal had been killed. The location of the corral was very close to houses and one would think that someone should have seen or heard something out of the ordinary.


Dr. Lamb, a practicing veterinarian for 23 years, is understandably puzzled and told Linda Howe later during an interview, "I've never seen anything like that (steer)...ever."


Event - 1994-02-24; USA, Nevada, Las Vegas



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