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Cattle Mutilations as a Metamorphical Message

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Cattle Mutilations as a Metamorphical Message


Forwarded By: RISKERS/NUFOIA Mailing List


From: Ed Komarek <>



By Ed Komarek


In a attempt to leave no stone unturned I was wondering if others working in the UFO/ET area of cattle mutilations arena ever gave much thought to the idea that the mutilations may be a form of communication. What got me to thinking upon these lines was the convergence of two lines of thought. The first line was my own personal experience with probable ET telepathic contact which was very emotional and metamorphical in nature. (See contact poems). The other line of thought was that the cattle mutilations were a obvious and blatant act. Any intelligence could easily dispose of the carcasses of the cows and horses where we as a species would be none the wiser if a covert operation of some sort was going in which the organs and tissue of the cows and horses were the only motivation and agenda.  The same could be said of the abductions. Even we have the technology to put someone under and do what we wish without the individual being none the wiser. This is another topic but its obvious that the intent is for the abductee to eventually remember. Why?


This leads me to believe that the culprits are making a statement, a message much the same way as the creators of the crop circles are doing. The same way some murderers use the body of their victims. Now that people with real detective, forensic knowledge are coming on board to investigate mutilations I wonder if we can begin to understand the heart and mind of the cow and horse mutilators just as we would work to understand the heart and mind of the human criminal by investigating the crime scene in order to build up a profile of the intelligence behind the act.


From my own experience and the experiences of others I am beginning to realize - suspect that the ETs are interacting with a wide variety of experencers with a wide variety of backgrounds. If this be so then it would make sense that a wide variety of messages could be tailored specifically to individuals and groups of individuals with a variety of backgrounds and skills.


I am learning to what degree our language is based upon historical metamorphical - symbolic material such as stories, myths, parables etc. Just thumb through any dictionary and see the roots of the words we use. So apparently we are communicating mind to mind with images that are abbreviated - condensed down to verbal symbols. Telepathic communication appears to bypass the verbal language and the abbreviated symbols and communicates images and emotions directly by some method not yet well understood.


The criminal investigator realizes that acts can also be used to communicate a message. I saw the show millennium a while back . The particular show I saw was a real study in the interpretation of metamorphical, symbolic material. In order to solve the crime the investigator used his intuitive abilities to understand the symbols on the wall and other criminal evidence along with his own subconscious dreams to understand the minds of the perpetrators. He got to the point that he became a part of their experience and almost became a victim himself.


Okay that said, what I am getting at here is maybe we ought to think of the mutilation scene as a form of communication just as with the crop circles. The crop circles appear to he a sublime, mathematical communication while the mutilations could be considered to be a powerful emotional viserial message. Common to both types of communication is that the creators are using a foodstuff as a medium in which to post the message. That should be important.


Another important similarity would be that both types of acts seem to be designed to elicit two very different emotions. With the crop circles is seems to be beauty, the sublime, wonder, while with the mutilations elicit fear, disgust, and horror. So both forms of activity have high emotional conveyance beneath the physical acts. I think this is a very important point.


What I am speculating here is that we are being subjected to and in interaction with a very all encompassing program being applied to us by the ET=BCs. Interactions which appear to be very separate and not connected are in fact when seen from a large enough perspective are clearly linked and part of a unified process to bring our fledgling stellar civilization into contact with other stellar space faring civilizations. This in a very orderly and systematic manner when viewed from the overall perspective.


Something to ponder don=BCt you think?




By Ed Komarek


Every form of inquiry know to man including religion, direct experience and science has limitations. The so called scientific method has two major limitations that I am aware of. These are repeatability and the controlled experiment. Perhaps others can list more constraints ..


When we are dealing with intelligent beings the concept of the controlled experiment breaks down. Let me give you a example that a marine biologist friend of mine gave me. A friend of this friend was studying octopuses. He had set up this maze in a tank to test the octopuses responses to various stimuli. To do this he had set up little stakes through out the tank. The problem was that the octopus would pull up the stakes and move the stakes around. This researcher got horribly frustrated trying to study this octopus.


All of a sudden it dawned on him that the octopus was watching him. He became even more dumbfounded when he discovered that the octopus was testing his reactions by moving the stakes in the tank to see what he would do!


The implications of this example should be clear to all.  When the object of study is intelligent and enters into a two way relationship with the scientist , the concepts of establishment science break down and the limitations of scientific inquiry are very apparent.


Yet, these glaring discrepancies can lead us to a more advanced form of inquiry than present day religion or science can give us. Telepathic inquiry is a case in point. Any truly advanced form of inquiry would include telepathic inquiry by direct non local experience. If we really want to understand ourselves and the alien mind and emotion we must pull all known forms of inquiry together under another header or label. Religious inquiry, scientific inquiry, telepathic inquiry, tactile inquiry all have baggage respective to the backgrounds from which they originate.


These thoughts suggest to me that we all need to give some thought to what we mean by inquiry and its relationship to earth human evolution and alien life.



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