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Past Lives? Reincarnation?

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Past Lives? Reincarnation?



A. Letter one


Did I ever tell you about my friend Rick Brown, the hypnotherapist? They did a segment about him on UNSOLVED MYSTERIES..... He'd had this young guy come to him who had this unnatural fear of water and a couple of other fears as well, which were impacting his daily life ..


So Rick hypnotized him and during this hypnosis session, Rick regressed him BACK to the time when he'd first experienced this fear of water...... To make it short, what they found was that he had supposedly DIED in a submarine during WORLD WAR II...hit by the Japanese!


They not only did this segment on UNSOLVED MYSTERIES about the whole thing, but Rick also wrote a book about it.....I remember he'd given me an autographed copy just before Kirby and I went on Vacation to Sedona.....And as Kirby drove, I read this book...I was LITERALLY on the edge of my car-seat!  I'd jump and exclaim, "Oh-Oh! Kirby! You won't believe this!...." And have to read some of it aloud to him. Wow!


What happened anyway, was that under hypnosis, this man, Bruce, not only recounted the story of how he'd died in this submarine explosion.....recounted the terror of his final moments and all that... but he was able to give his THEN-name, age, family information, where he had lived, the information about his military status and the submarine...a WEALTH of information!


So he and Rick had begun researching all of this information..... They located Military records for this guy, confirmed how and where he'd died....They went to visit a military maritime museum and when they came to this submarine which was identical to the one Bruce had died on, Rick persuaded him to enter.....He was a nervous wreck initially, but entering the submarine and facing what he'd feared helped him.


They also looked up remaining family members of this man who'd died. He had a sister and a brother who were now old but still living and the sister was still living in the same house they had grown up in.  On UNSOLVED MYSTERIES, the camera crew had accompanied Rick and Bruce as they went to meet this brother and sister in person.  (I have a VIDEO of this UM episode and it's quite powerful!)


The brother and sister were flabbergasted! to say the least. But as they stood outside the house talking, Bruce was able to tell them exactly what they layout of the house was. He recounted how he, when he was the OTHER guy who'd died, had always had a habit of coming into the house through the back door instead of the front. How he had a thing for always grabbing the HEEL from a loaf of bread, and a whole lot of other specific traits peculiar to the guy who'd died.


The brother and sister listened to him talk and amazed as they were, they confirmed the things he was saying.






B. Letter Two (The Old Rugged Cross)


To continue my letter about Rick Brown, the hypnotherapist........


Rick has a good friend who, all his life, had had this thing about Religious articles, clothing....Any of those props, items and symbols used in connection with religions of any kind. They made him extremely uncomfortable....abnormally uncomfortable!


Rick hypnotized him and regressed him back to the time when he'd first experienced discomfort relating to this. Now, Around this time, Rick had set up a video camera in his office and whenever he'd do a session with someone, with their permission, he'd video-tape the whole thing. In fact, Kirby had gone to him one time and I STILL have the video-tape of THAT session.)


Anyway, I got to SEE the video-tape of this man's hypnosis session and it was riveting! Now, bear in mind please, that this man had never practiced ANY religion, never gone to church regularly, and had no particular religious beliefs as such.


But as I watched this tape, I saw this very calm, intelligent man go through some major changes! As the hypnosis session progressed, the story that unfolded was.....well, I'll just tell you what information came to light......


According to the man's story, he had been a Roman Soldier...I don't recall what his title was, but he was more than just a soldier.....had a higher-up title.....He had been assigned to act as a seek out this man called mingle amongst the crowds who flocked to hear him speak, to just generally try and find out what exactly was going on and how much of a threat this Jesus might be.... find out what he was actually up to....


And so that's what he had done....I cannot recall what language this spy had supposedly spoken. He DID say what language it was, but I just don't remember what he'd said. But, Apparently he was not a native to the area, and so whatever language he spoke wasn't the same language that Jesus spoke in. So as he sat amongst the crowd listening to Jesus speak, he couldn't understand what Jesus was saying.


The thing that had great, GREAT impact on him was the extreme magnetism of Jesus.  He told how Jesus imparted this strong and incredible feeling of Peace that seemed to wash over the the throngs of people who'd come to hear him. He spoke of how he had felt himself so mysteriously and intensely DRAWN to Jesus....


Apparently after mingling with the crowds and observing Jesus a few times, the soldier had gone back to his superior and reported that Jesus seemed to have a peaceful effect on the crowds and that he was not trying to incite riots nor rebellion....


After that, he was compelled to go and watch Jesus speak a couple more times. The last time, after Jesus had finished speaking and the majority of people had pretty much wandered off, he remained back aways where he had been sitting to listen.....a small distance from where Jesus had stood.


And now as he watched, Jesus and a handful of his disciples strode past him.  But as they reached the spot where he stood, Jesus stopped. He looked the soldier in the eye.  Smiling at the soldier, Jesus reached out and with two fingers, gently brushed them across the soldiers cheek.


As the man in the hypnosis session recounted this, his voice got wobbly and his eyes teared up. Rick asked him how he felt and he said he'd never felt such peace and tranquility in his life.


After that, the soldier had been transferred to a city a fair distance away. And it was while he was there that he heard that Jesus was to be crucified......He was in great turmoil.....Should he try to do something in hopes he might stop them from crucifying Jesus? If he would do that, he risked being declared a traitor, risked losing his position\rank in the Roman Army (which would leave him without immediate means of feeding his wife and children), risked being ostracized by his peers, risked angering the King\Emperor.....


He decided that since he didn't know WHAT he should do, he would at least travel to the city where Jesus was to be crucified and hopefully by then, he would figure something out...


Only he arrived too late....and was there in the last handful of hours before Jesus died.


As I watched, the man in the video began to cry and moan. It took Rick a few minutes to calm him and get him settled again.


As for the soldier? He had been forever changed. Saddened, He'd gone  back to the city where he had been currently stationed and he quit the Roman Army. Took his family and went to live in his father's house where he lived out his days. He worked making a living selling things in the local bazaar.


Rick brought the man out of hypnosis and let him sit a moment so he could re-group.


They'd stopped taping there. And then Rick had asked him if he'd like to sum-up what had just happened and how he felt about it.


I cannot recall all that the man said as he spoke into the camera ......He spoke of the peaceful feelings he'd experienced, and of the anguish over Jesus' death as well.....I do recall that as this man spoke, I'd never seen anything like the change that had apparently taken place in HIM.  At times his voice quivered and his eyes filled with tears, a couple of times he was nearer to actually out-and-out crying. At other points, as he recalled Jesus and being touched by him, the man had the smile of ecstasy.......Bliss and joy ......and I SWEAR his face seemed illuminated! No, they weren't playing tricks with the lighting.  This was an illumination that came from the Inside OUT....


By this time, I too was crying as I watched the video. It was so powerful.  And now this man.....the look on his face, the emotion.... .I knew that I was looking at a man who had actually been touched by Jesus!





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