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Fireballs, Luminous Tubes

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Fireballs, Luminous Tubes


Letter by Glenn Scheper

Date: Friday, 27-Feb-98 10:17 AM

From: Glenn Scheper \ Internet: (

To: Louise A. Lowry \ PRODIGY: (TAAK46B)

Subject: Re: Fireballs, Luminous Tubes


I'm always looking for a match to my own 1985 sighting. I was spurred by recent STRANGE -> Skywatch items about fireballs and luminous cylinders etc. to search, and found these related URLs: http:x//


Let me recommend my own personal page describing my 1985 California sighting of a post-storm evening illumination that appeared in front of an isolated cloud, first as a point, then expanding to huge in minutes, to a precise shape of a tapered cylinder that intersected a torus, so forming a huge omega.


This page includes my GIF illustration, and a link to a IBM-PC executable file that tumbles such an object on a VGA display: "Glenn Scheper's Omegaform Luminous Sighting (UFO), 1982." http: // Also, here are thousands of mind/psi/spirit/UFO bookmarks: http: //


Glenn Scheper



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