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Fireball 'Explosions' and Other Considerations

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Fireball 'Explosions' and Other Considerations


Apparently this recent Victorian fireball exploded spectacularly in western Victoria - like a huge "fireworks" display. I say "apparently" since it is very common for observers to see a vivid fireworks light energy "explosion" after the fireball gets down to their horizon. I suspect that this is only an ionospheric EM coupling effect due to the evidence from multiple witnesses along several different fireball flight paths. Commonly each observer (spread along say 2000km of flight path) sees a fireball fly overhead, go down towards his horizon, disappear in a huge massive fireworks display explosion, then the next observer (positioned say 200km further along the flight path) sees exactly the same effect, and so on along the line of observers.


It could be that the fireball (EM energy slug) is reacting a la Tesla thesis with the atmosphere and/or ionosphere to give a brilliant but pulsed (every 200km or so) display of light energy ? Or perhaps the EM fireball hologram is pulsing on - off at low frequency and at the "off" there is a field collapse giving rise to the apparent explosion, or - more likely - at the "on" scalar EM field pulse there is a Tesla field transmission coupling from the Tx (transmitter site) to the atmosphere/ionosphere via local dielectric field ground to give the apparent explosive fireworks display.


The timing of the last two major Fireball/explosion events was about 10.00pm for 1-05-97 in central NSW, and just after 6.00pm for 24-06-97 near Melbourne Victoria. This does not suggest any attempts to hide these possible "weapons tests" is going on - rather the opposite appears to be the case i.e. you were meant to see these things ??? I find this interesting - perhaps they are threat messages to our military - from say Russian-Japanese, or from little grey Aliens, or a new class of natural electrical event , or exotic meteors ???


Of course there is every possibility that we are dealing with a series of highly electrically charged meteorites that have very odd flight characteristics - preferring to fly over Australia in ever increasing numbers in recent years ..............


With all of these fireballs running wild over our skies - some getting pretty close to Canberra - you would think someone in authority would get agitated enough to do something !!! At least some official comments would be in order, but all we get is silence ............


Yes there have been historical meteor fireball events recorded on planet Earth over many centuries - but not with the present high periodicity, unique appearance, and flight style, nor with the commonly associated explosive and seismic effects. These recent fireball and other electrical events are HIGHLY anomalous and appear to represent a considerable danger to the population of not only Australia, but much of the entire planet.


Certainly just one of the associated explosion/earthquakes could completely flatten a town the size of Broken Hill, Kalgoorlie, Mt.Isa, Alice Springs, or Canberra - with enormous loss of life. It would approximate a nuclear blast in intensity and spoil the inhabitants whole day ..........


Determination of whether I am correct, or not, about the source or origin of these Fireballs (i.e. EM weapon "tests", alien UFO, or natural electrostatic meteor, or other evolving natural electrical phenomenon etc.) is quite irrelevant to this problem and should NOT cloud the discussion .........


Our Governments MUST initiate open, public, wide ranging, and honest scientific studies on the nature of these events, or they would appear at best to be unfit to represent us, and at worst to be in treason to the general population.


I cannot believe that any Government would be so irresponsible as to allow the testing of potentially highly dangerous scalar EM energy slug weapons around and over us, when they involve such enormous energies, so many unknowns regarding reliability of control, and possible side effects due to Tx waves on the general population's health. However similar irresponsible behaviour was often exhibited by the Australian, British, and USA Governments during the 1950's nuclear testing era. By all accounts the Soviet Government was even more careless of their citizens health during this time.


Therefore I suppose it is quite possible that new weapon toys would be similarly unleashed into the public domain. There is of course another possible scenario that could be contributing to the Government silence - see below ......................




Any persons seeing, having seen, or knowing anything about exotic meteor fireballs or other static exotic light emission events, or knowing anything about E/M weapons systems technology or deployment and/or testing in Australia or anywhere else on planet Earth, are invited to contribute to this project by telephoning the author on +61 (0)8-9525 5999 (after 10.00 am WA time = gmt + 8 hours), faxing on +61 (0)8-9525 5944, or e-mailing on


About the Author:

Harry Mason, BSc, MSc, MAIMM, MIMM, FGS, is a UK-born geologist/geophysicist, resident in Perth, Western Australia. His 30-year career in mineral exploration has had him stationed all over the world, including Alaska, India, Norway, Mexico, Morocco, Sudan and UK. He has extensive field experience in geo-recce, geological mapping, geophysics/geochemistry, prospecting, remote-sensing/computer imaging technologies, and seismic and electromagnetic studies. He specialises in the geology and resource exploration of WA's Eastern Goldfields. Lately he has been devoting his private time and expertise to researching mysterious Australian outback phenomena of possibly natural and/or man-made origins.



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