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Other Fireball Events

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Other Fireball Events


There have been many other post May 1993 Australian reports (in excess of 1000 - often multiple events) concerning aerial fireballs and associated light energy emission. These involve exotic diesel freight train noise making spherical fireballs, and some noiseless variants, flying long trajectories over different parts of Australia.


These fireballs have been observed in all our states (as recently as the 4th. of February 1997), and in many cases have exhibited variations on and combinations of the following actions: very low altitude "nap of earth" trajectories, small to non-existent tails, no fragment drop off, apparent velocity less than that of sound, no associated sonic booms, considerable sudden change in course, speed up, stop dead, reverse course, fly vertically upwards into space, create intense vibration of ground and housing as they pass over, or explode in massive blue-white arcing light displays with major explosive sound events - or silent intense light flashes, create power generation over-voltage outages and other electrical effects.


The Banjawarn case demonstrates a cause-effect relationship with a 3.9 richter earthquake and other fireballs have possibly been related on at least two occasions to 3.0-4.0 richter scale earthquakes in eastern Australia.


If meteors are the source of these observations then lately we appear to be continually encountering a very odd species of meteor that exhibits a previously undocumented very exotic behavior and a very high statistical rate of arrival in Australia - apparently (until recently -1996) largely ignoring the rest of the world.


Other possible causes such as natural gas fireballs, min-min lights, earthquake stress lights may be easily discounted by many aspects of these fireball events - but not least because of their usually very low energy output when compared to the very large energies involved in these recent Banjawarn fireball incidents.




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