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My Trip To Area 51

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My Trip To Area 51


By Matt Reply to/

I have been gone for a few weeks, but I am back now and do I have a hell of a story to tell.


After many days of driving, my girlfriend and I turned onto the famed Extraterrestrial Highway in Nevada and headed towards Rachel. After many miles of desert driving, we descended from Hancock's Summit at approximately 8:10 pm. Several miles to our left, over the Jumbled Hills, lay Area 51 and S-4.


And then...POW...a really bright light just over the ridgeline of the maintains Of course, I slammed on the brakes and grabbed the binoculars. I have seen many strange things in the sky, but nothing compares to this. A reddish-orange light, obviously spinning, darting about at amazing speeds, changing shape, size, luminosity, you name it.


For all the skeptics out there, I suggest you take a trip to Highway 375, park your ass next to the infamous black mailbox (which is now white) and sit for as many nights as it takes until you see something All the rumors about Area 51 being moved or shutdown? Absolute hogwash The guards are still there ready to slap a $600 fine on you if so much as put an eyelash over the unfenced boundary. Not to mention the amazing aerial display that my girlfriend and I witnessed.


I videotaped the whole event, but the tape doesn't do what we saw any justice That is not to say that it isn't amazing footage, but you can't see the maintains Therefore, the video will remain my personal testament to what I saw.


I would like anyone out there with a physics background to explain how a light can emanate from a source and then stop cold in mid-air. In addition to the amazingly fast movement that this object demonstrated, I also witnessed this. The object dimmed considerably and I thought the show was over. I grabbed the binoculars and lo and behold it was still there And there was a beam of light emanating from it that just stopped. This doesn't show up on the video.


The most impressive maneuver that we witnessed? How about moving a few miles to the right and then back in the blink of an eye? Considering that we were approximately 25 miles away from the Groom Lake base and at least 30 miles away from S-4, this baby was cookin'. ZZZZIIIIIIIPPPPPP...


After talking to Chuck Clark, we learned that we were very lucky to have seen this. He says that it has been some time since he's seen any activity of this sort.


Chuck also showed us two pieces of the most amazing UFO footage I have ever seen. One of them was apparently of the same "gadget" that we saw the previous night. Chuck refers to these things as gadgets--I think that's a bit of an understatement. The video he showed us was much clearer and closer than what we were able to muster. The concentric circles that are barely visible in our video are absolutely clear. You can also clearly see the object "squaring" off on its sides. In addition to the lateral movement that we taped, we also got what I believe to be forward movement. But in the video we watched in the Little ALe Inn, the thing really moves closer, like it was about to smack the cameraman in the face.


I am very happy to see what I have seen: it has answered many questions for me. But it has also irked me more...I want to know what the hell I saw? Is it of human design? Alien? How come no sonic boom? How do they stop light beams in mid air? The recent court rulings accomplished one thing: acknowledgment that there is a base at Groom Lake. But what about S-4? I was always skeptical of Lazar's claims to the existence of S-4, but now I am convinced. Not necessarily of his whole story, but I believe that there is another location near Papoose Lake.


Red Flag--a crazy month-long war game--was slated to begin the day we left. We ate breakfast in the same room as about a dozen Air Force personnel. Some of them perused the walls of the Little ALe Inn, looking at the pictures of UFOs and ETs that adorn the walls. They seemed just as curious to know what the hell goes on in the Nevada desert behind the mountains. Pat Travis, owner of the Little A Le Inn, said that they often mask tests with war games and what-not--to redirect people's attentions. Perhaps that is why we got lucky.


If anyone wants to see my video, I will be posting it on my website as soon as I get some video editing equipment for my PC.


Any questions? I hope so...I have a lot more to say. Please respond either to the BBS or directly to me.







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