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Unearthing the Phoenix Conspiracy

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Unearthing the Phoenix Conspiracy


The Montauk Files: Unearthing the Phoenix Conspiracy

© copyrighted material by K.B. Wells Jr.

Available Spring 1998 from New Falcon Publications http://WWW.NEWFALCON.COM

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The year was 1979. Ayatollah Khomeini had taken power in Iran, capturing over 100 American Hostages. Three Mile Island almost exposed its nuclear underwear, introducing Americans to the China Syndrome. An engine fell from a DC-10 on takeoff from Chicago, killing 273 people. Mother Teresa won the Nobel Peace Prize for her life-long work helping the poor. In that same year, I graduated from high school and William Moore changed the world by exposing us all to the Philadelphia Experiment.


Perhaps it is grandiose to say that The Philadelphia Experiment changed the world. Certainly, it added a new dimension to the ongoing debate about UFOs and government conspiracies. Moore's book indicated that our government was experimenting with some pretty far-out stuff, 'tinkering' with the fundamentals of space-time itself. His book also highlighted a disregard for the human element in these endeavors. In the words of JEMI, from Part IV of the annotated (Varo) edition of The Case For the UFO by M.K. Jessup, "Thus now you see (the) over-all wisdom of Einstien's retraction of his Unified Field Theory. In U.S. Navy's ship invisibility experiments, 1943, results of such uninformed tinkering seemed to show the correctness of his 'reason' for retraction."


Regardless of the validity of the facts and people surrounding the story, I believe The Philadelphia Experiment holds a great power. It has the ability, much like Alternative 3, to change the way people think. It can alter basic perceptions about the state of the world, as well as personal perceptions about individual importance and disposability. Anything that has the capacity to alter such core belief structures also has the capability to change the individual. To change how that individual may view and act within the world. This, indeed, is a great power.


For instance, I read the book a year later, in 1980. With each page my life was changed. It shattered my views of what was possible and what was not. It showed me that our government was experimenting with things more of science fiction than of fact. They were dabbling (and obviously believed in) technologies I had been taught were purely fantasy. It appeared that I, as well every other child in America, had been taught nothing but lies throughout our term in the educational system. The real kicker, though, was that this happened in 1943 - at a time when we were supposed to be in our technological infancy. If experiments of this nature were occurring in 1943, what the hell went on in 1953? What other secrets were out there, secrets they thought the world didn't have a right to know?


The Philadelphia Experiment fueled within me a deep distrust of the status quo. I began to take an investigative interest in things I had previously relegated to the realm of science fiction. I placed my foot upon a path that would be littered with ancient secrets, hidden technologies, psychic powers, and UFOs.


Thirteen years later, I had all but forgotten Moore and this first step. I was attending a UFO convention with a friend in San Mateo, viewing the latest assemblage of crop circle data and UFO material. This friend wanted to speak with one of the presenters he had seen before, so we took a short detour. Although I was not interested at first, my attention soon changed. That presenter turned out to be Al Bielek - a Philadelphia Experiment survivor.


All the energy in that first step, taken thirteen years earlier, came rushing back. The bulk of my investigations and interests along that thirteen-year road were boiling. It seemed as if I had been preparing and simmering some kind of a paranormal brew for consumption, waiting for the day it was ready to drink. As I stood in that small room in San Mateo that day, I heard the kettle begin to rattle. It had become soup.


Looking back now, this course appears quite rational. The body of information that was to surround my life for the next several years was a logical second step after Philadelphia. This second step was onto a deserted Air Force Station on the tip of Long Island - into the area of Montauk. Although there were thirteen years between footfalls, it felt like a natural, almost predestined pace for the series of events that were to unfold. Nearly every piece of information I had gained throughout my thirteen-year journey benefited me during this time. Even the various side roads, such as Alternative 3 ,Wilhelm Reich, and free-energy devices, transformed into mandatory detours whose importance I was only beginning to understand.


I discovered it was there, within the realm of coincidence and synchronicity, that the secret of Montauk, alias the Phoenix Project, alias Project Rainbow, was to be found. You see, the issue of Montauk is not black and white. Quite the contrary, in fact. It is many different shades and colors, textures and shapes. You may see a detail as white one time and checkered the next. It may feel smooth in the beginning, but is found to be fraught with contour later. Once you comprehend its true nature, the startling realization strikes: It is alive.


The further I journeyed into The Montauk Files, the more alive the beast became. In my mind it transformed into a Hydra, a multi-headed creature with thousands of poignant, shifting tentacles. The beast moved as I moved. It reacted before I even realized that I would do the same. The deeper I journeyed, the more profound these interactions became. What started out as a simple investigative subject quickly transmuted into complex interchange that seemed to defy the laws of common sense. The creature migrated into dimensions of the story, into facts and details and my own life, in ways that are almost impossible to believe.


Data points that appeared meaningless in the beginning held shinning realizations with the passage of time. A quick and simple diversion, meant only to fill a small gap, became an entirely new path - intricately connected to all others. Information surfaced in places it should not have been. Books collected years earlier proved to be needed keys for opening necessary doors. By the time the manuscript was at a close, one thing was certain in my mind: Montauk knew me, my thoughts, and fears - even my heredity - better than I knew these things myself.


I was not the first to experience this synchronicity after beginning my journey into Montauk. Preston Nichols, in his works regarding Montauk, states that he, as well as others, have experienced this phenomenon. Indeed, even as I put that last period to the final sentence, hoping many issues had been closed, the Hydra came within my view again.


It became clear that I should put that last period on paper, but the issue was not at an end. In fact, before me loomed an entirely new beginning. The Hydra, first given birth on that deserted Air Force Station, had calmly picked me up and placed me at the bottom of another hill. Perhaps not a hill, really. More on the scale of volcano. The Hydra then whispered, I dare you to climb. I dare you to look inside.


Of course I took the challenge, and climbed to the top of the secret Volcano. I looked down into the fiery core. The pit so hot that even ash, the birthing cloth of the mythical Phoenix, burns red.


The Montauk Files is that first step to the secret volcano, a paving stone for a larger road of deceit, conspiracy, and manipulation. It is a road that must be chosen freely, a path that once taken will bend and straighten before your very eyes. It will tailor itself for you and only you, recognize your fears and place them as obstacles for your determination and soul to overcome.


For those that take the path, the price is not what it appears. The obligation of the journey is what you least expect it to be. It may be merely a small surcharge, levied against your views of reality. It may be at the cost of your entire ideology.


I equate this Montauk tax to horoscopes. If you read or sometimes follow horoscopes, it is a small step into other realms such as reincarnation, karma, and coincidence. The next step will not be a leap of faith, but a logical extension of a path you have already acknowledged. In this case, the tax will be small - it might even be a refund.


However, if you have never read a horoscope, a step into other realms is costly. It truly becomes a leap of faith. As you stand on the edge of that precipice, inventory the baggage you carry. You will not return with the same luggage. The very structure of your belief system could be at stake.


For those that decide not to take the journey, from the safety of your chair I hope you enjoy the view.

 K.B. Wells Jr.

   Author, The Montauk Files © copyrighted

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