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The Sands of Time

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The Sands of Time


The Sands of Time/ Excerpt by Michelle Guerin.....also note that yes the Louise that is in this article is me. Michelle Guerin/e-mail

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Louise, a friend, and I were planning to attend a UFO conference in CT in October,1995. I suggested that since she was driving up to NY to pick me up for the conference, why not come a few days early and we would explore at Montauk. She immediately agreed.


Upon arriving in Montauk, we checked in to our hotel room, and set off for Camp Hero. We tried different entrance points but all had security gates and signs posted stating no trespassing. We finally found access on a side road just before the Lighthouse. It was an area just south of the base, on the beach. The road we walked on ended at a parking area on a cliff overlooking the ocean. The radar dish was visible from this point, but was too far to hike to.


***<NOTE:> Michelle and I before we set off to the Base first went to a Pub on the Main Street of Montauk to grab a bite to eat. As we entered we noticed a few seats opened at the end of the bar, we proceeded to sit down and ordered a few burgers. As I have NEVER been one to hold back on a conversation I turned to the gentlemen beside me, and proceeded to ask him if all the stories were true about the Montauk Base. At that point I thought I lost my right leg, with a good swift kick from Michelle set me in my place...but the guy turned and looked at me and just said nothing. He then said NOTHING at all is going was about another 15 minutes and while we were eating our burgers this guy turned and started to ask us questions about what we were doing and why we wanted to know about Montauk. He then told us of the one back access road. He then told us that he really didn't know much about the Base and the going ons/but he did enter that the Plum Island had some strange going ons.....***


Louise felt very sick and uneasy there. For some reason, I was drawn to the cliff. I stood out there by the edge, just looking out over the beach and the ocean for about 10 minutes. I felt so drawn to this spot...why?...what possible reason could there be? I had never been there before. Why did I feel rooted to the spot? It was getting late and Louise and I wanted to try one more road before we called it a day.


Driving back toward the town, we turned in at Old Montauk Highway. According to the map we had, this road should go into Camp Hero. There was also notations on the map of areas where someone had "felt a void" and very ominous feelings.


While driving down the road, Louise and I both felt this "void". It was one of the strangest feelings I've ever felt. The only way I can describe it is the absence of feeling life, as if nothing lived in this space. I wish I could be more specific. Once past this void, the terrible, ominous feeling hit us very strongly. The road ended abruptly at a dead end. Louise wanted to go back to the hotel, but I insisted that I knew we were close to the radar dish and wanted to check around just a little.


I climbed over a pile of wood chips and went through some small brush. About a hundred feet into the brush the asphalt road continued. I followed it to a clearing and there it was, right in front of me...the radar dish. I went back to the car, where Louise was waiting and grabbed the video camera. I returned the same way, taping as I went along. After shooting the radar dish, I suddenly got an eerie feeling that I was being watched. The feeling was very strong and very frightening. I wanted to run back to the car, but I was afraid I would fall. I left as quickly as I could. Louise and I returned to the hotel.



***<NOTE:> Before going to bed that night, Michelle and I got a very strange phone call, the female caller said "I know where you are and we have pictures of you" "You are to stay off the Montauk Base" at this point we got upset till we started asking questions to this person, then we heard some laughing in the back ground and then we found out it was a good friends wife that was making this call. This friend I may add is an ex-military agent. He was going to meet us at the conference the following day. After getting this call we both remembered that we had sent our itinerary out to a few close friends, of course it took no time to track us down since it was an out of season month at Montauk.***


We went to bed about midnight but I stayed up until approximately 1:30 am reading. Sometime between 3:00 - 3:30 am both of us were awakened by a loud noise. The smoke detector in our hotel room was going off and neither of us could reach it in order to turn it off. We finally contacted a hotel employee who advised us that the smoke detector was not run off a was connected directly to the room's electrical system. In order to shut it down, we should go to the fuse box located on the side of the closet wall and throw the switches until we found the one connected to it. We tried all of the switches to no avail. Even throwing the main switch, which cut power off to the entire room, did not shut down the smoke detector. A maintenance employee of the hotel came to our room and tried shutting down the electricity...the detector still continued. He finally had to pull the smoke detector from the wall and cut the wires in order to turn it off. The next day, we agreed that neither of us wanted to return to the base. We were both too frightened.


~~This is just an excerpt from Michelle's memories and there is a whole lot more of other times that she had visited Montauk, please go to her web site and read them "The Sands of Time" Michelle Guerin/e-mail

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