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(Secret) (World) Government Involvement

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(Secret) (World) Government Involvement


According to many of those who have investigated the numerous projects, programs and such which have been discussed in this article, there does exist some sort of international worldwide super-government hidden behind the scenes of the great world stage, so to speak; pulling the strings which have a substantial impact on the outcome of many world events -- events often instigated and manipulated by these very same groups. Very little, if anything which might have any significant effect on the human race socially, politically, economically or even spiritually just happens unless this hidden control group intends it to happen, or at least allows it to. Such a phenomenon as the Third Reich would most definitely fall within this category. Not only did many prominent persons openly support Hitler and some of the stated objectives of the Nazi movement before the onset of WW2 in Europe, but before, during and mostly after the war untold thousands of high-level Nazi Party members, top scientists and intelligence officers came to the U.S. and worked for the U.S. government, and not just in the aerospace fields as is commonly thought. Indeed, our intelligence services received the biggest infusion of all; the newly-formed CIA and more-secret NSA and other agencies like the DIA employed numerous ex-Nazis and incorporated a great many of the Nazis' intelligence methods and techniques as well as a vast amount of "research" and data resulting from one of the most hideous "projects" of all time -- the Nazi death camps. Many allegations and rumors continue to persist that large numbers of other high-ranking Nazis escaped to various South American countries assisted again by American intelligence and military agencies, where they continue to foment events conducive to their unwavering political and philosophical intentions.


Coupled with the fact that there was no full and unconditional surrender on the part of the Third Reich, only a cease-fire agreement, one must allow for the possibility that there is more to the story than was publicly disclosed -- that perhaps the Nazis were not really defeated but were to some extent incorporated into our government. There are undeniably strong indications of a substantial Nazi/Aryan involvement in the Montauk Project and many other similar endeavors.




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