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The Pharaohs of Montauk

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The Pharaohs of Montauk


A noteworthy point is that the chiefs or sachems of the Montauks have held the name of Pharaoh throughout their history, long before any white people had arrived to impart such a name to them, and the name Pharaoh appears nowhere else on Earth except for Egypt. Archaeological evidence indicates that the Montauk Indians inhabited this region continuously for at least 8,000 years. As Montauk is geologically distinct from Long Island and North America, it could theoretically be a remnant of the Atlantean continent, and the name Pharaoh could have been derived from Atlantis both in Egypt and Montauk. Historical accounts from previous centuries attest that pyramidal structures did exist at one time at or near Turtle Cove, and various elders of the tribe recall hearing about them. Preston Nichols and Peter Moon theorize in their Montauk Project book series that the Montauk Indians are a remnant of a very ancient Atlantean civilization, as was Ancient Egypt.


This location, both in ancient times and currently, and the activities that secret government agencies (with their extensive ties to Masonic type "brotherhoods") are allegedly conducting there are vitally important to the human race and its future on earth.


Another curiosity is the name "Camp Hero". The word hero is derived from the Greek word for the Egyptian god Horus, among whose attributes are the ability to see into other realities as well as backwards and forwards in time. Although this name was given to the region relatively recently by the federal government (read: Theodore Roosevelt -- a Master Mason who owned a large tract of tribal land very close to Turtle Cove) it certainly correlates perfectly with what the Montauk Indians and other tribes believed about this location. As noted, Camp Hero was known for being a "psych base" since its inception as a government military facility. (George Washington, another Master Freemason with many compadres in the Montauk area, commissioned the Montauk lighthouse and oversaw it's construction.)


It seems that members of certain organizations or agencies either already knew that this was a very significant spot on Earth or else soon found it out, and over several hundred years systematically and deliberately manipulated the Montauk Indians into leaving their tribal lands and burial grounds east of what is now the hamlet of Montauk. Thomas Jefferson made a substantial effort in the early 1800s to personally go to Montauk and record as much of the Montauk's history, language and culture as he possibly could. (Although the language of the Montauk Indians has now almost completely vanished, there are substantial indications that it was in fact closely related to Vril, a so-called Enochian language of extreme antiquity.) Obviously Jefferson, another Master Mason, considered the material to be rather important. Jefferson later claimed to have lost much of the material in a boating mishap, but it seems odd that he wouldn't have returned to Montauk to redo the missing work if it was so important in the first place, and could indicate that his story was untrue and that instead the information was hidden away.





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