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Illegal Funding

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Illegal Funding


A number of other serious side issues have been raised by investigators of the Montauk Project. One of the most notable is that funding for these secret, unconstitutional operations comes largely from the importation and sale of tremendous quantities of illegal hard drugs. This operation involves an extensive network of accomplices and associates in the underworld and organized crime elements. Regional law enforcement agencies including East Hampton Town Police have been charged by some with a consistent policy of "looking the other way" as drug smugglers' boats unload their cargo onto Eastern Long Island's numerous and often remote beaches at night, signaled by bonfires lit by pick-up crews on shore. Ordinances prohibiting nighttime fires on beaches in this area are notoriously un-enforced, much to the consternation of a great many East Hampton Town residents and officials: and, just a quick car or plane ride away is the biggest, most densely populated marketplace in the country -- New York City. According to an informed source with the U.S. Justice Dept., the Long Island, N.Y. area has literally no (zero) federal drug smuggling cases pending, and there have been very few, if any such cases for a number of years now in the Long Island area. This is, of course, in stark contrast to much of the United States' borders and coastline, and must be viewed with some suspicion. Organized crime elements (Mafia) working in conjunction with clandestine NSA and CIA units, are said to be strongly connected to these aspects of the Montauk Project, and also to be responsible for a percentage of the victims procured for experimentation, which as noted usually involve teenage Caucasian males.



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