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Readers Feedback and Possible MIB

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Readers Feedback and Possible MIB




Date: Saturday, 27-Dec-97 03:07 PM

From: Laura Fallon

To: Louise A. Lowry

Subject: "THE STRANGE"


#5 Readers Feedback and Possible MIB by Laura Fallon


POST NOTE: This note was received from a friend which I thought I would include in this issue. I had a lot of good feed back from the Dec 22 edition which dealt with MIBs, I will try to keep up with the subjects that people are interested in, there is so much information out there for you to view and I can't include everything as much as I would like too, but I do try to touch the surface of different subject lines. Thanks for everything and for subscribing to this newsletter...


Dear Louise,


Again a wonderful job collecting information for all of us. I'm not sure if you include reader feedback in "The Strange", but I thought I'd relate an odd story I discussed with you via phone not long ago. Maybe someone out there can help me make sense of it.


About two weeks ago, in mid December, I woke up one Thursday morning to discover three bags of trash strewn all over my tree lawn. I had to clean it up, and discovered it was mostly recyclable items, one of which was a medicine bottle for someone named T. Knight living in a suburb nearby. The incident annoyed me of course, as it looked like some person had decided to drive by and dump their stuff on me. It was freezing out, and I found myself picking the trash up disposing it quickly into my own bins.


As I was completing this distasteful job, I paused for a moment and stood up. I saw a dark car it was foreign, probably Volvo or possibly BMW) pull up with two men dressed in neat dark business suits discussing something to themselves, but never taking their eyes off my cleanup. They sat with the car running less than 5 yards from where I was cleaning up the trash. I did not feel fear of these strangers, though it felt unwise to ask them any questions such as "Are you lost?" Unfortunately I never thought to take down a license plate number at the time. The two strangers stayed in the car talking and staring at me for about five minutes. I finally became annoyed and gave them a good hard stare and mentally said "Quit staring and leave!" A few seconds later they put their car in drive and slowly drove up the street, made a right turn at the intersection and were gone from sight.


Normally I am not upset by such events, though I must say it was even odder that it occurred just at that particular time frame. I was in the middle of reading _The Mothman Prophecies_ by John Keel, and also reading _Casebook on the Men in Black_, Jim Keith's latest release. I had just _literally_ finished reading _The Andreasson Legacy_ only the day before.


Hope the rest of the year is safe and happy for you and yours.


Enjoying your newsletter immensely!


Cheers as always, Laura



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