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Hearing about the Strange Happenings

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Hearing about the Strange Happenings


My father use to talk to me about the strange going ons that use to happen in the Philadelphia Naval Base. After my father found out my interest years ago in the unexplained, he started to talk to me about "happenings" that went on there. But at first what threw me for a loop was that he was stationed there earlier before the actual experiment happened in 43'.


He told me that he was over in Japan when the actual experiment was suppose to have happened. But then he related on how, this one ship, that they had it stripped a bit. There was other instruments and machinery that was put into it. Not sure if this was the actual ship "Eldridge" or not, my father did not know the name as he was telling me the stories.


Dad try to tell me that at the time, late 41' and 42' there was always so many people running around the place. He called a lot of these mens "SUITS" cause they were not military but he was not sure, they were always there watching over things. It seemed to him that they were the ones that called the shots.


Dad got to also meet Mr. Tesla, which was at the Naval Yard a lot during a few months. You will find out that a lot of the stories, on PE you will not hear of Tesla's involoment with this experiment. But hearing from my father I know better. My father said he alwayed looked like he just got out of bed, or that he had slept in his clothes, he was always a mess. And the man alwayed looked so frail and sickly. He use to talk to the "suits" all the time always yelling and stuff, he was also always writing down something and carried a lot of papers with him all the time.


One time my father told of some strange noises coming from the one ship, sort of a very low droning hum....and then all of a sudden, there was yelling with a few of the guys running out of the room and the color or "amber" glowing from the inside. The was lightning steaks going all over the place, and these balls of glowing ambers going though the bulkheads...there was one guy screaming "Shut the damn thing off"....after that he heard no more.....strange huh...


There is also something I want to say cause this caught me so funny cause dad never read ANYTHING on the PE before...he told me after he came back from Japan, there was a guy who he had became friends with that was one of the very few that were picked to do this experiment.


Well he went to see him and after seeing him, he thought the guy was "NUTS" he was very nervous and was just talking like no one was there sort of gibberish....after I told my father what some men were suppose to have witnessed with people being stuck in the metal and all, he turned to me and said "NOW, what he was saying makes sense"...he told me a few weeks later he was shipped away and then his family was told that he had died in some sort of mishap. Myself I think they were trying to close up some very loose ends.


I could kick myself in the butt now for not asking my father to write down everything he had seen and witnessed, but for what I told you hear you could take it with a grain of salt. I have found that people will not believe in something unless they have seen it for themselves. But this man at the time had no reason to lie to me. I find it strange that there just may be more people out there that know about this Experiment but never knew what was going on around them. If anyone that was stationed in the Naval Station during the year 41' through 43' could possibly have seen some of these going ons.......


In honor of my father David, who is missed. Louise A. Lowry




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