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Something Wicked This Way COMES!

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Something Wicked This Way COMES!


By James Nelson

Date: Friday, 02-Jan-98 12:57 AM

From: James Nelson

To: Louise A. Lowry


Hi Louise,


I went to a local bank with a check drawn on that bank ( AMSouth) (B'ham, Al.) expecting to cash it.. They asked for my I D which I gave them my state drivers license with picture and SS#, date of birth , etc on it. The teller then checked the account to see if funds were available, they were, she was about to cash this check, when she ask me if I was a customer of AmSouth.. I told her no.. She then said:" You will have to put your finger print on this check before we can cash it!!!"


I told her no way did I want the people that had written the check to have my finger prints when the check would be returned at the end of the month..


Needless to say I raised cane , but to no avail, they would not cash that check without finger printing me and putting that print on the check!!! I got a little loud <G> and several of the bank employees came over to talk to me .but, they still wouldn't cash that $145.00 check. I told the employees that this was discrimination, that they didn't ask for finger printing from the guy in front of me.. they then said :" Oh ,, if you are bank customer, you don't have to give us your finger prints."!!!.. wellllll.. that made me angry <G>, I said that this is getting TOOO close to the NWO and the mark of the beast, ... "can't buy or sell" with out his mark.....


I ask is this a federal law or state law (finger printing) they said no, it was just bank policy. I emailed the customer complaint line and got a nice form letter telling me that the ink was invisible and it took "special" equipment to read the prints.... Wonder how long before the bad guys get that equipment? I wonder if the bad guys could use those prints and leave them at a crime scene, and get one convicted of a crime???


This is just one way for the government to get more citizens prints on track us and record our banking transactions...hummm ( smells fishy huh)? I wonder how long this would last if we went back to ALL CASH transactions... bet IRS would not like that !! <VBG>

James Nelson..


P S Louise feel free to edit at will <G>or discard if you can't use it...

POST NOTE> Can this be the beginning of a new trend? Sounds like they will pretty soon get to that implanted computer chip that has been talked about, which will be implanted in our hands/ or wrists...this is the first that I heard of this one!




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