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Internet Chat Guest Dr. Chris Humphrey

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Internet Chat Guest Dr. Chris Humphrey


Please welcome Dr Chris Humphrey back to the UFO chat room on Wednesday, January 14th at 9 PM EST. The chat room is now shared with PI also, so invite any PI friends also! Dr Chris has been active on the BB here and has also published his most recent book in complete HTML format. We are so pleased to have him return to speak...don't miss it!

Cheers, Laura Fallon Prodigy Chat Event Host



And now class, required reading for this assignment is to at least visit where you will find the hypertext book _The Evolution of Star Travel_. The top level document is only 3 pages of large type with spaces between paragraphs, so "I don't have time" is not a valid excuse. There are a few other hypertext books and articles on the Web, all in Astronomy. One would expect them to be on the cutting edge. Right now, I am just trying to get on the search engines and directories, so someone looking for material on "Interstellar Travel" would turn up me. As a result of some intensive discussions over in the "Space Exploration" BB, I have made some revisions. So feel free to make criticisms. There are about 4 levels deep of documents in some places and you might wonder where to plunge in. Well, it's your choice, the virtue and the vice of hypertext. My Ph.D. is in philosophy and this is a work of philosophy, so after reading all of the top level, you might go back to the beginning and take the links in order in the first paragraph. But feel free just to click on anything that looks interesting. By the way, visits are free, there are no ads, and I am not selling anything. - Dr. H.-



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