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Black Rainbow

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Black Rainbow


(Short Story) By Louise A. Lowry


It began hundreds of feet below the surface of the northern polar cap, in a frozen world seldom seen by mortal eyes. Although they had no way of knowing it at the time, this was the last EXPEDITION by the United States Navy. They called their futile expedition "OPERATION BLACK RAINBOW" <men in sub> Attention men. This is Admiral Payne. We are now approaching the north pole, our instruments indicate that the ice crust within this region is breaking up as rapidly as it has been throughout the entire polar cap. It appears that large ice-bergs are separating from the main ice pack covering. The whole Damned top of the world is coming apart! And as yet, we don't know the reason why. "Admiral Payne! Out the starboard porthole...LOOK!" "WHAT IN THE NAME OF GOD!" It was a burial ground, a tomb!


Thousands and thousands of years old, lost and forgotten by the passing of time. It was an enteral funeral vault containing fragments of a past more ADVANCED than the fantasies of the far-flung future. The men could not believe the sight before them. Like wide-eyed children venturing into the unknown. They cautiously left their vessel and staggered in awe through the archeological find of the CENTURY!


"Look at this Admiral! it's like nothing I've ever seem! Where could all this junk have come from?"...."that ain't nothin.. feast your eyes on this baby over here!" "I don't know what it is, but I'd bet next month's pay it's some kind of weapon!" "Sinister looking isn't it sir" "YES...very sinister! Cold as it is in here. I can still feel an icy shiver run down my spine just looking at it."


SUDDENLY....with no warning whatsoever, the metallic device came alive...glowing brightly as it emitted a shrill high-pitched squeal! The sinister machine worked quickly...greedily sucking up every ion of oxygen...leaving none for the men to survive! The few who remained aboard the vessel, were lucky to escape with their lives! They returned to the civilized world with a horror story that seemed too incredible to be true! The incidents were reviewed and carefully analyzed by top Government and Military officials. But the implications of the entombed find beneath the polar cap could not be HIDDEN from the world. Within a matter of days unknown WAVES from the sinister machine began to cause magnetic disturbances in the atmosphere. Soon after that, a terrifying BLACK RAINBOW materialized in the sky, causing literal, prevalent TERROR!


Aboard Space Station Zebra, completing a routine orbit around the moon. The mysterious ebon ring was the subject of curiosity and speculation....!


CONNIE>"Jason! That ring is growing thicker by the hour! What in the name of heaven is it?"


JASON> "I don't know, Connie! I've never seen anything like it in my life."


CONNIE>" But the raw energy that's building within it is incredible. It's like a huge electronic DYNAMO. What's the source of the energy...can you tell?"



JASON> That black ring seems to be generating and storing enough energy to power the entire galaxy, one hundred trillion amps per square millimeter."


CONNIE> That...that's impossible!" You don't think this could have anything to do with that alien machinery the Navy found under the polar cap!?"


JASON>"I don't know, Connie! I do know that nothing MAN-made could ever generate such power!"


CONNIE>"What do you suppose those alien devices are for?"


JASON>" It's something that was put there for mankind to find, and when we found it. We triggered it into activation.

Jason "I don't think there's any doubt that what-ever they found encased in the ice is causing this Black Rainbow, NOW!" "whatever it's intended purpose, it was planned by an alien life form long before we crawled out from under the rocks, and there's nothing anyone on earth can do to STOP it, now!"

The words of the space station meteorologist were prophetic. The best anyone could do was to watch the sky and PRAY!


JASON> "Connie...that rainbow is starting to act up! It's whirling at phenomenal speed...generating more energy than our instruments can register. We've got to get on the phone to Washington we've got to warn them that all hell is about to break loose! But it was too late!


The energy source was too unstable! Cosmic powered bolts of lightning ripped though cities, plowed through isolated plains and evaporated entire oceans. It was a terrible irrevocable doomsday. It was the END of the WORLD at long last! The black rainbow acted like a magnifying glass intensifying sunrays. Only instead of sun-rays, the rainbow hurtled black fiery DEATH RAYS! The black rays streaming from the rainbow tore through heavily populated cities.


Broiling people alive. Sizzling human flesh. Buildings crumbled, collapsing as though giant boots had stomped them into nothingness. It was the EXODUS into a NIGHTMARE. It was ENDTIME! It was the long prophesied APOCALYPSE.....In a matter of days, cities were no more. The amplified rainbow energy tuned everything it touched into molten, bubbling jelly! The very earth itself slowly began to die!


{SPACE STATION} JASON> Oh God, Connie! No one...there's no one left to answer!!!

They...they're DEAD! The entire earth is dead!" The planet was a vertible inferno, flames lapped the skies, consuming the last of the planet's precious life-giving oxygen. All life on land, in the sea and in the heavens was incinerated. Vaporized.... Destroyed!


{SPACE STATION} JASON> RECORDING> It's dead now. Our world our home is a massive smoldering GRAVEYARD! There'll be no more of our kind! Yet, I must record all that has transpired, for the death of a planet...of an entire race cannot simply go unnoticed. I have a theory about how it happened. All that gear they found under the pole, and the one that caused the Black Rainbow! A long time ago, perhaps millions of years ago people from another world must have come to our own. Perhaps they were Experimenting on the race of creatures destined to become the mankind. Perhaps they had even planned to one day RETURN and check on man's progress. But unable to, due to the great distance between earth and their planet. They left behind a mammoth ALARM, buried beneath the polar cap. They knew that once man reached an advanced enough technology to find it, that he had progressed TOO FAR on the evolutionary scale! If we found it, we had advanced further than we were supposed to and were "rewarded" with termination. We found it. We became a threat to our creators, hence...we were BUTCHERED! The black rainbow itself is nothing more than a by-product of that alarm. The alarm machine is the gun. The black rainbow itself is nothing more than a by-product of that alarm. The alarm machine is the gun, the the bullet. The deadly bullet that has massacred all human kind! We always wondered how the world would end. But who could have predicted all decked out in it's own Funeral Wreath. The only ones left are those of us on the Space Station. With nowhere to world to return to...our end is as certain as that of the world on which we were spawned! There is quite more! {Fade out}



(%$^& &%$ $$$&^%*& +{*{}+&( (*(#@)(_+

(TRANSLATION) This alien audio unit found aboard remnants of wheel-shaped alien craft. Crew dead centuries. ORIGIN UNKNOWN> PLANET UNKNOWN>UNDECIPHERABLE!





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