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Woman Killed After Falling From Sky

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Woman Killed After Falling From Sky


MIAMI (AP) -- A woman who police believe may have fallen out of an airplane was found dead after hitting a garden wall in an apartment complex Tuesday. Police have no idea who she is or exactly how she fell. Nobody saw her fall. "We have no clue," Detective Delrish Moss said.


Residents heard a loud bang and went outside to find that a woman's body had landed on a garden wall and was ripped in half, Moss said. Police said she could not have fallen from a nearby 20-story apartment building, the tallest structure in the area. The condition of her body indicates she fell from a much higher point, Moss said.


The woman was wearing a long black shirt and black tights and had no identification, Moss said. She was described as white with shoulder length black hair. Police estimate she was in her mid-30s to late 40s.


"Right now we're still trying to figure out where we go from here," Moss said. "You have to put together part of the mystery before you even start a direction."


Police will try to identify the woman through her fingerprints, Moss said. They are also calling airports seeking information.


An autopsy will be performed to determine whether the woman was alive before she fell.


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