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Two College Students See UFO Over Ames, Iowa

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Two College Students See UFO Over Ames, Iowa


On Tuesday night, November 11, 1997, two college students driving back to Ames, Iowa (population 45,775), a city on Highway 69 about 28 miles (45 kilometers) north of Des Moines, spotted a strange object in the sky.


The pair from Iowa State University "saw a dark orange/amber globe of light at about 40 degrees up from the horizon, to the left of the roadway. At first they thought the light was resting on a 100-foot water tower nearby, but this proved not to be the case. They proceeded west and caught sight of a full circular orb now ahead of them and moving very fast. The object finally began to sink below the horizon, and the two men watched it disappear from view." (Many thanks to Beverly Trout of Iowa MUFON for this report.)


Source: UFO Roundup




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