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by -Gary Val Tenuta


Because of the paranormal nature of the series of "ET contacts" I experienced with two other people in 1967, my research into the UFO phenomenon has tended to focus on that aspect, i.e., the paranormal and occult elements of the UFO enigma.


Perhaps the most significant part of my work is that which is found in the "Gematria" section of my web site. It involves numerology and my discovery of some previously unknown alpha-numeric patterns within the English alphabet. The full significance of these patterns has yet to be determined. DeAnna Emerson (researcher/author, "Mars/Earth Enigma") and Dr. Bruce Cornet (UFO researcher) have indicated that these alpha-numeric patterns may be clues to the ancient origins of the English alphabet. To quote Dr. Cornet:


The first part of my web site deals with a very strange subject, indeed. Namely, possible links between (1)occultist Aleister Crowley, (2) Zahi Hawass, Minister of Anitiquities at Giza, Egypt, and (3) the "Face On Mars". Interestingly, while this subject and the "alpha-numeric pattern" subject may at first seem completely unrelated, I was both surprised and amused to have found what may actually be a link between these two subjects. That link is noted at the bottom of my web site, under the "UPDATE" heading.


I would be pleased if you could include my URL in your next newsletter.


Best wishes for the holiday season and the coming year,


-Gary Val Tenuta


POST NOTE> Stop in and read this interesting site, also the one with "UPDATE" now just maybe we are getting somewhere with the Alpha-numeric pattern and not to mention Ancient Egypt.



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