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Rod-Shaped UFOs Startle Motorists In Australia

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Rod-Shaped UFOs Startle Motorists In Australia


On Sunday, November 23, 1997, at 7:50 p.m., Wayne Banks and his friends were "heading from Doonside near Blacktown to Penrith," New South Wales (N.S.W.), 25 miles (40 kilometers) west of Sydney when they spotted a UFO.


"We stopped at the traffic light at the corner of Phillip Parkway and Eastern Road," Banks reported. "I was looking west at the terrific sunset and commented on this to the people in the car. There was scattered cloud and the sun gave off a reddish glow."


"It was then that I noticed an extremely bright line just to the right of where I was looking. I originally thought it was an aircraft jetstream (condensation trail, or "contrail" for short, here in the USA--J.T.), although it didn't seem high enough. It would've been almost an inch long at arm's length. I then turned to one of my friends, and I pointed it out to him."


"He too thought it was some sort of jetstream, but then it started to move slowly, until it began to rotate from horizontal to almost vertical. By this stage, all six of us in the car were watching. It was then that one of the girls noticed the line to the northwest of us. It was moving towards the other line but very slowly. I also noticed a small red light in the direction of the second line, but this could have been an aircraft. I lost sight of them as we got to the bottom of the hill. Almost a minute later, we had an unobstructed view of the western sky again, but we could not see anything at all." (Many thanks to John Hayes for this report.) (Editor's Note: The Katoomba Valley, west of Penrith, has had numerous UFO sightings since 1942.)


Source: UFO Roundup



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