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New Cattle Mutes

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New Cattle Mutes


The cattle death squad has returned to the San Luis Valley. On Sun Nov 30, 1997, a year-old, still-warm female calf was discovered dead from unusual circumstances just northwest of Center, Colorado. The calf was missing all the flesh from it's right side mandible, it's right eye, and a 10"diameter rectum coring that extended 18" into the animal. The crime scene was completely devoid of any tracks, (except the dead calf's tracks) footprints, blood, or additional clues as to how the animal was killed and subsequently mutilated. The calf was lying in 6" of fresh snow and the entire scene was devoid of any additional evidence whatsoever. No evidence of magnetic anomalies were detected around the site.


Forensic tissue samples were obtained by this investigator, and are being sent to three separate Veterinary Pathology Labs. Videotape and still picture documentation was also obtained.


Dense fog covered the middle portions of the SLV Sat night and Sun morning. The same morning, the reporting rancher also found a second calf with a bloody nose and claims a third calf is missing from the herd. The three animals were/are part of a small herd numbering around 38 animals. Magpies and crows showed an interest in the carcass, as did the rancher's dogs. However, after covering the animal with a tarp, no scavengers touched the animal. Saguache County sheriff's officers are investigating the "mutilation" report.


To the west of the crime scene; about 900 feet, a nearby rancher heard his dogs bark around 6 a.m., Sun morning, and unusual multi-colored lights were spotted Sat night around 11 pm, 15 to 20 miles north of the mutilation site by four other witnesses in Crestone. Just after sunset Sat night, two other motorists on nearby State Highway 17 spotted a large slow-moving "meteor" that broke apart before disappearing. These sightings are still being investigated.


Christopher O'Brien San Luis Valley CO/NM Paranormal Investigator


Skywatch International



Research - Animal Mutilations



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