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Multiple UFO Sightings and 2 Craft Landings

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Multiple UFO Sightings and 2 Craft Landings


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On this date, December 15, I received a telephone call from a lady (aprox age 44 years) who lives near Wright Patterson AFB. The lady told me that since 1994 she has witnessed, along with aprox 20 neighbours, multiple UFO sightings and 2 craft landings. (Pebles County, Ohio) The lady told me that she has called the Defense Department, NORAD, the USAF and other US governmental agencies telling her sighting stories - to which she has, allegedly, never received any answers.


The description of the crafts involved, according to the witness, are very bright white with an outter rim of red. In one case, she observed USAF jets attempting to intercept these UFOs. In another incident, this lady also saw a craft emit a green beam.


I will have more information on this case, and will post it, along with a transcript of the radio interview I will be doing with her this coming Saturday, December 20 on THE 'X' ZONE Radio Show.


I have been in contact with Sheriff Hayes of the Pebles County Sheriff Office and THE REGISTER HERALD in Eaton, Ohio. Both sources have confirmed that the witness has called in and reported UFO activity.


Specific dates of sightings include: April 96, April 97, September 97.


Any information that members of this list could supply re: sightings, landings, encounters in Pebles County or Eaton, Ohio would be greatly appreciated.


Rob McConnell.


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