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Chile Sighting

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Chile Sighting


Chile Sighting / CHILE-UFO-NEWS


Three interesting news from Chile...


Received this news from Punta Arenas of "BLUE CODE" (he is a member of AION and a very good friend of mine who wishes to stay anonymous because for the moment):


"Wednesday 26 of November at 23:34 hrs., mi girlfriend was traveling with a friend an her husband towards their house. About 300 meters before reaching their home, in from of the car was an oval shape object that looked like on fire and it illuminated the road in front of them. The strange part was that the object was only seen by the two women and not by the man. This lasted only a few seconds. After reaching their home and talking about the experience my friends girlfriend left in her car to her own home. After 10 minutes and on one of the main streets of Punta Arenas she saw a bright object behind her car through her mirror. It was closing in very fast on her at about 50 meters behind an 20 meters of the ground. The UFO was oval in shape with red, yellow, blue and green lights that rotated very fast. She stopped her car and the object flew right over her car at 20 metes above, were she got a very good look at the UFO. It then accelerated at very high speed heading to the "Estrecho de Magallanes"."


The second news is that "BLUE CODE" called me last night and told me that he got a UFO on video (one of many he has taken in Punta Arenas). A friend of his called him to tell him that he was watching a UFO over his house. He got his video camera and binoculars went there as fast as he could. The object was to high to catch it on the video, so he looked at it with his binoculars. The UFO had the shape of a ring of smoke and a ball in the middle of the same smoke. The object started moving at about 80 to 100 Kph. Then it changed it's shape into a sphere of smoke and then into a solid metallic sphere. At this point the UFO started to reflect the sun light so he could catch it in video. According to "BLUE CODE" the object looks just like the one filmed in Mexico during a lunar eclipse some time ago.


The third news is that about two weeks ago on a TV show (channel 4) were Rodrigo Fuenzalida (president of AION) was being interviewed with the Chilean Airforce Captain Cristian Puebla who is an Aeronautics Engineer, Professor at the Airforce Politechnical School and Coordinator of Space Proyects. When the Captain was asked about the UFO registered over Chilean soil, he said the following "Yes, these UFO's have appeared all over our country and by the way they behave and maneuver I can only say that they are extraterrestrial in origin. It is impossible that these UFO are man-made". This was said publicly on TV....


Many other sighting have been reported in the last few weeks ever one landing in a military practicing ground near Santiago.


That's all for now...


Luis Sanchez

Chilean Director

Skywatch International




* e-mail : Fax : (56 2) 219-3314 *





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