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True Tales of the MIB

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True Tales of the MIB


by Timothy Green Beckley


Article taken from "Unsolved UFO Sightings" Fall 1997 Issue


Excerpts from the book by T.G. Beckley cThe UFO Silencers


Ordering information: Available from Inner Light, Box 753 New Brunswick NJ 08903


$20 plus $4 S/H 24 hour credit card hotline: 1-800-700-4024


The MIB-short for Men in Black, used to be UFOlogy's dirty little secret. But now with the release of the Hollywood-made block buster starring Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones the cat is out of the bag and the MIB have come out of the closet into the light of day. And while the tinsel town version of the MIB may not be one hundred percent according to legend, it does give millions of movie goers a look at how these strange individuals go about silencing those who have found out way too much about extraterrestrials and UFOs.


In hundreds of well documented cases sincere eyewitnesses have been warned in no uncertain terms to keep their mouth's shut-or else! In the Tristar Pictures release the MIB are actually aliens on a mission to keep the truth that "they are here" from becoming widespread. Smith and Jones come complete with black suits, dark sun glasses and a hot rod version of the MIB's favorite vehicle, a black car (with blacked out windows, of course).


As the MIB become better known to the general public there will no doubt be more cases to confront UFOlogists. Recently the nightly TV tabloid show Strange Universe aired a lengthy segment concerning the slain rapper known as Biggie Smalls. The program's segment centered around the fact that Smalls was being followed by strange shadowy figures and some in the music business declared that the notorious Men in Black were out to get the recording artist whose posthumous album Life Beyond Death had just hit the charts. They point out the uncanny FACT that Smalls last video shows him being tailed by none other than a fleet of unmarked black helicopters whose reputation for following U.S. citizens has grown lately with the popular notion that certain individuals are coming under the watchful eyes of a secret government best known as the New World Order.



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