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The Currant Era: The Bender Episode

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The Currant Era: The Bender Episode


In 1952, a Bridgeport, Connecticut, man named Albert K. Bender, organized a UFO research group which he called the "International Flying Saucer Bureau." The IFSB was well received and in no time at all became a thriving organization with members in most states, and in various foreign countries.


Suddenly, one day, Bender announced that he was closing his group, upon orders of a *HIGHER AUTHORITY.* Bender insisted that he had been visited by three men, who although otherwise very normal in appearance, had worn black suits and hats. They revealed to the Connecticut group leader the secret of the saucers and then warned him not to discuss anything about their visit-or ELSE!


We shall probably never know the complete circumstances surrounding the visitation, but from the little Bender revealed at the time, we can state the following with reasonable amount of certainty: Bender had been thinking of a UFO theory, which he eventually sent to a certain other person. Shortly thereafter the three men came, and one of them was carrying in hand the same sheet of paper that Bender had mailed. The visitors were very threatening in their manner, hinting at dire consequences if Bender printed his theory, as he had originally intended to do. For several hours two of the men drilled the researcher on the explanation for the UFO mystery, while the third merely sat and carefully observed Bender. The story they gave was "fantastic" and extremely frightening, Bender later said, that it portended great changes in all fields of human endeavor, particularly in science. Before leaving, one of the MIB turned toward Bender and said, "If I hear another word from your office, you're in trouble."


Later Bender made a telephone call to a friend in which he casually mentioned his theory and subsequent visitation of the three men. Immediately after hanging up, the phone rang. A voice uttered that he knew of Bender's conversation and that he had made a "bad slip" and warned him to be more attentive in the future.


From this moment on Bender refused to discuss anything else concerning his visitation or theory.


In 1953 several other researchers had similar visits from enigmatic entities who bestowed the disks upon them after they had been very dose to printing the truth, unknowingly, in their publications. One of those visited was Edgar Jarrold, head of the Australian Flying Saucer Bureau, and a regular correspondent of Bender's. In fact, many researchers suspect that Jarrold is the one to whom Bender first imparted his "secret."


Jarrold seems to have undergone the eerie spectrum of visitations, weird phone calls and poltergeist activity. Jarrold was also puzzled by a mysterious black car which hung around his office at night. The auto contained two persons who evidently had him under surveillance.


Although no one knows what became of the Australian investigator, apparently the ultimate climax came when he was in a large department store in Sydney. Jarrold was at the top of a flight of stairs leading from the ground floor when he received a violent push from the back, which sent him flying downstairs. This took place in broad daylight and from all accounts nobody was standing near him. Whatever pushed him was invisible, yet retained its physical bulk, in order to carry out the attack. (POST NOTE FROM LOUISE> with this latter statement think about The Philadelphia Experiment in `43 and the on going experiments with invisibility and teleportation.)


This ties in with poltergeist activity reported in connection with UFO sightings in many areas including Point Pleasant, West Virginia, home of the "Mothman." In Canada, recently, an entire household was besieged by invisible entities soon after the occupants had close UFO sightings. At about the same time, in Toledo, Oregon, the residents of this small community were puzzled with the frequent visitations made by strange crawling lights which seemed to move up the very walls of their homes. A UFO flap was in the process during this period and sightings included reports of stump-like creatures and pulsating UFOs which brightened up the neighborhood at night.


Kenneth Arnold himself seems to have been visited by these invisible entities: "At my home I have been visited by unseen entities whom I believe to be pilots of these weird disks. They were invisible to me and made no attempt to communicate. I could see my rugs and furniture sink down under their weight as they walked about the room or sat on various objects..."


In many cases, these poltergeists are the forerunners of the Men in Black who frequently turn up anywhere from 24 to 48 hours after these invisible pranksters first show themselves. In some cases the silencers seem to bring about these occurrences which follow shortly after their visits.


Since the beginning in 1967 the activities of these MIB have been on the rise. Important investigators across the country have reported a weird series of events which include strange phone calls, visits by invisible beings and harassment by various persons claiming to be from the government. They have continually photographed the homes of persons having close encounters with UFOs and have disguised themselves as government officials, salesmen, poll takers and termite exterminators, in order to gain access to saucer information.


Because the Air Force has been accused of sending these individuals, on March 1, 1967, a memo entitled "Impersonations of Air Force Officers" signed Lieutenant General Hewitt Wheless, Air Force Assistant Vice Chief of Staff, was sent to all commands. It read: "Information, not verifiable, has reached Hq USAF that persons claiming to represent the Air Force or other Defense establishments have contacted citizens who have sighted unidentified flying objects. In one reported case an individual in civilian clothes, who represented himself as a member of NORAD, demanded and received photos belonging to a private citizen. In another, a person in an Air Force uniform approached local police and other citizens who had sighted a UFO, assembled them in a school room and told them that they did not see what they thought they saw and that they should not talk to anyone about the sighting. All military and civilian personnel and particularly Information Officers and UFO Investigating Officers who hear of such reports should immediately notify their local OSI officers."



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