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The Andreasson Legacy

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The Andreasson Legacy


by Raymond E. Fowler


I highly recommend the reading of this book!


At the time I have posted this article, Bob Luca sent me some info in getting this book, if you don't get out much. They also are autographing copies for those that are interested (HARD COPIES) only. My many thanks for their trust and friendship!


Hi Louise,


Sorry to be so late in getting out a reply but I am, right now about a week behind in, it seems my whole life. First off if anyone wants to order an autographed book from Betty, Becky and I they can send to my address P.O. Box 613 Hayes VA. 23072. If they want to order from Ray Fowler His address is 13 friend court Wenham MA. 01984. The price of the Books (Hardcover is 24.95 + 2.95 shipping and handling) or they may order from publisher at 1-800-788-3123 or check out the local book store. .


Your friends,


Bob & Betty



A. INTRODUCTION *A Tale of Two Families* by Raymond E. Fowler


*This Except is taken from The Andreasson Legacy, also note that there are other books out called The Andreasson Affair, The Andreasson Affair Phase Two, The Watchers and The Watchers II.


This book marks the final chapter of an investigation that spans over two decades. It started with a letter to Dr. J. Allen Hynek in August of 1975 from Mrs. Betty Andreasson. Her letter was in response to a newspaper article about the Center for UFO Studies. Hynek, former chief United States Air Force UFO scientific consultant, headed the new civilian study. He requested the public to report UFO experiences to the Center for Scientific Study.


Betty's letter was an account of a blinking light at a window, strange entities in the home, and several pages of rambling theories about UFOs. The letter's redeeming factor was a sketch of one of the entities, since it was typical of those reported by many others. Although unimpressed with Betty's weird theories, Hynek placed it in his files.


The letter was resurrected a few years later when Hynek sent it to a group who studied reports of UFO entities. Since Betty lived in Massachusetts, the study group asked Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) Massachusetts personnel to investigate. An initial interview with Betty indicated that she was interpreting her experience within the context of her fundamentalist Christian beliefs. She believed that the entities that had entered her home were angels. However, apart from her esoteric interpretations, the core elements of her experience were those of a UFO abduction.


The decision was made to conduct a through investigation of her claim. Our enquiry revealed one of the most detailed abduction accounts on record. I had joined the team as MUFON's Director of Investigations and edited the final report. The report, in turn, instigated my first book on the experiences of Betty and her family: THE ANDREASSON AFFAIR.


Evidence gleaned from a number of independent sources indicated that the event took place between 6:35 and 11:00 P.M. on January 25, 1967, at South Ashburnham, Massachusetts. At the time, Betty was in the kitchen, and her parents and seven children were in the living room. Her husband was in the hospital. Both Betty and her daughter Becky relived a bizarre experience under hypnosis.


At about 6:35 P.M., the house lights suddenly blinked off and on and then went out. This coincided with a pulsating reddish orange light that shined through the window facing a large field. Betty calmed her frightened children and told them to stay in the living room while her father investigated. Her father, Waino, dashed to the window and saw a group of strange creatures floating toward the house with a hopping motion. They stopped momentarily, and on looked in at him. He became paralyzed and remembered nothing more.


In brief, the creatures entered the house. The rest of Betty's family was put into the same state of suspended animation. Telepathic communication was established with Betty. She was asked to follow them out of the house. She tried to resist, but her will somehow was overpowered. She told them she was concerned for her immobilized family. They demonstrated that they were all right by bringing her older daughter Becky out of the trance like state.


One creature remained behind as Betty and the others floated through a solid door and into a small craft which was parked against the hillside in back of the house. The craft accelerated upwards into a larger craft. Betty was subjected to the effects of various instruments both before and after a physical examination. A BB-sized object removed from her nose indicated that she had been abducted previously. Follow-up investigations revealed a history of UFO experiences from childhood.


Betty was then taken to a strange otherworldly place. At one point she was floated along a track through an area with a red atmosphere. It housed scores of small headless red creatures with two large eyes protruding from stalks. From there, she was floated along the track into a immense area. Far below the roller coaster-like track she saw water, a strange pyramid, and glass-domed buildings in the distance.


The terminus for her trip was a holographic-like depiction of the death and rebirth of the legendary Phoenix. As she watched, transfixed by the sight, she heard a booming chorus of voices announce that she had been chosen to bring a message to the world. Afterwards, she was returned home to find everyone still in a state of suspended animation. Then, under mind control of the entities, everyone was put to bed in a state of unawareness.


All evidence, including transcripts of fourteen hypnotic regression sessions, was placed in a 320-page, two-volume report. Rigid character reference checks and lie detector tests indicated that Betty and Becky were credible witnesses. Psychological interviews did not reveal any psychotic traits in Betty. Both relived very vivid, detailed experiences under hypnosis. These were both internally and externally consistent with many other cases of this type.


It is not my purpose at this time to review the many experiences of the Andreasson and Fowler families that have been published in my previous books. This will be accomplished later on within the book. However, for the sake of the new reader, these will be briefly alluded to in the introductions to Part 1 and Part II of the book. They will serve as an introduction to these two families. These sections will also introduce new information revealed during my ongoing investigation of the Andreasson and Fowler families. Betty's 1967 encounter was mentioned only to establish witness credibility and a starting point for my initial involvement with Betty and her family.


The results of the initial investigation revealed that Betty, her family, and her husband's family have had encounters with UFOs and paranormal phenomena from childhood. My follow-up investigations are documented in the books preceding THE ANDREASSON LEGACY: THE ANDREASSON AFFAIR-PHASE II, THE WATCHERS, and THE WATCHERS II.


My investigation of Betty and Bob's childhood experiences triggered memories of similar experiences from my childhood which I had not associated with the UFO phenomenon. These experiences, coupled with those of my family, brought me to a startling realization. I had been investigating the UFO phenomenon since 1963, but the same phenomenon had been investigating me since 1938.


This was confirmed by an abduction dream about my leg being operated on which was accompanied by physical evidence. It consisted of the overnight appearance of the typical scoop mark that has appeared on many other abductees. Incredibly, this was coupled with the overnight appearance of three similar scoops on Betty's arm during the same week! This was just one of a number of synchronistic parallels linking the Andreasson and Fowler families together.


Soon after, I was able to enhance a number of my memories through the use of hypnotic regression. I decided to go public with them and some of my own family's UFO experiences. These and more of Betty and her husband's experiences were documented in THE WATCHERS. One of their abductions was paraphysical in nature. Both were abducted in an out-of-body (OBE) state of being. During this abduction, they witnessed some of their children being operated upon by alien entities.


Later, my continuing investigation was centered on the paraphysical experiences of Betty and her family. These and evidence for their commonality with the near death experience (NDE) were documented in WATCHERS II. Again, a family member was witnessed aboard a craft with her during one of Betty's OBE abduction experiences.


I had been aware for some time that Betty and Bob's children had also experienced UFO and paranormal phenomena. However, I was unable to persuade them to publicize them. All were terribly frightened. They feared further ridicule for themselves and their children. Some had already experienced this because of my books about Betty and Bob.


Each member of Betty's family was urged once again to relate their experiences to me, and to undergo hypnotic regression. I believed that the recording of their experiences was essential to complete my overall assessment of the ongoing story of the Andreasson affair. All of them finally agreed to tell their stories, However, only Becky agreed to undergo a number of hypnosis sessions, which revealed that she, like Betty, had been abducted by aliens since childhood.


Significantly, some members of my own family decided to tell me more of their own experiences which were not recorded in THE WATCHERS. My father had recorded many of his experiences and placed them in a box which was not to be opened until after his death. Just prior to his death, the box and its incredible contents were turned over to me for publication. My family's willingness to do this influenced my decision to follow them in placing my own continuing experiences on record.


This will be my last book about Betty Andreasson and her family. Nearly twenty years of research have produced a rich legacy for UFO buff and professional researcher alike. The overall Andreasson affair is a plethora of paranormal events-a metaphenomena in and of itself. My latest investigations, documented in this book, involve new physical evidence: a possible implant from Bob Luca's ear examined by an MIT physicist and the appearance of identical scoop marks on other members of my family. Theses are just a few examples of the evidence for UFO abductions that will be found within the pages of this book.


What do I hope that this final book on the Andreasson affair will accomplish? It will introduce the neophyte to both UFO and a host of other paranormal phenomena. Those who have read my previous books on the Andreasson and Fowler families will now be privy to the rest of the story. The newly published experiences will continue to demonstrate that UFO and paranormal events are often family affairs. It will further provide new experiential data relating to who the aliens are, where they come from, and what they are doing here.


This book will also provide strong circumstantial evidence to support a startling hypothesis advocated by some researchers of UFOs and paranormal phenomena. They suspect that all types of paranormal phenomena may in actuality be just expressions of one underlying source.


Finally, and most importantly, all direct communications between the aliens and the Andreasson family will be isolated, itemized, and analyzed to produce the core message of the aliens to human beings. Ultimately, this message is the greatest contribution willed to humankind by the Andreasson legacy.



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