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Some More Men in Black Cases

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Some More Men in Black Cases


According to Saucer News, Mr. Tad Jones, who witnessed a hovering sphere on a major highway in January, 1967, received two threatening notes warning him not to tell anyone what he had seen. The printing of these "prank" warnings was identical to the printing of a note placed under the door of Connie Carpenter in Middleport, Ohio. Respected researcher John Keel, author of numerous articles and books, has written extensively about would-be "kidnappers" who have come after UFO witnesses and UFOnaut sighters.


On Long Island, two men in Air force uniforms harassed UFO witnesses. One of these men identified himself as Lieutenant Frank Davis and threatened two different people with a revolver, warning them to "watch out who you talk to." It almost seems as if this MIB had stolen his identity by combining the names of the two Army investigators who died in the airplane crash in the Maury Island case. If so it was a sick disguise.


A Colonel John Dalton interviewed at least three other Long Island residents and asked them to fill out complicated forms which contained involved questions about the witnesses' personal lives. Through officials on Long Island, John Keel had a check run on the men. The Air Force denied that it knew anything about either one or that men with those names were assigned anywhere on the Island.


Lt. Davis turned up again in a postman's uniform and later engaged in taking photographs of the homes of UFO sighters. In yet another MIB case a black Cadillac made a deliberate attempt to run over a UFO witness on the main street of Long Island town.


During the same period, one of my close friends, investigator Robert Easley, of Defiance, Ohio, was reportedly followed by a man in a black sedan with no license plates. The man dressed in black shoes, black pants, and a blue pullover shirt.


In the wee hours of July, 11, 1967, Mr. Easley was awakened by a phone call from a lady who told him that she and seven others were observing two bright fast-moving UFOs. After she hung up, he immediately got dressed and went to the scene. While checking on this report, he noticed that he was being followed by a man in a black sedan with no license plates.


On July 15th, he was again followed by the same man in the same car as he was driving home. When he pulled into his driveway, the unknown care sped off. Later that evening as he sat talking with his girl friend on the front porch, the car came down the road and stopped right in front of the house, as soon as the topic of UFOs entered their conversation. Easley could feel the man looking at them. When they got off the subject the car left, but when they got back on it about an hour later, the same car came back again. It was as if the driver could hear what they were saying or read their minds!


On July 17th, as Easley was checking out another routine UFO report, the man appeared and followed him to and from the scene of the sighting, dressed in the same black shoes, black dress pants and dark pull-over shirt.


Between the 11th and 17th of July, Bob received a total of 12 strange phone call. In each case, the only sound on the other end of the line was a strange beeping noise, each call lasted for about 15 seconds, followed by complete silence. The beep sounded far away, as if coming from a machine.


In Europe as well, witnesses are being threatened into silence! Mysterious voices and sounds are appearing on telephones and tapes and imposters pretending to be either famed saucer investigators or government officials, are visiting contactees and those claiming to have observed UFOs at close range.


Even the late astronomer Dr. J. Allen Hynek ran into these accounts. In the December, 1967, issue of Playboy, he said: " I have on occasion been told what seemed to be a straightforward story, when suddenly the witness lapsed into a highly confidential mood and told me that he was sure that his phone was being tapped or that he was being watched, sometimes on a regular schedule either by the `government' or by `occupants' of the craft.'"


Following the death of Snippy the race horse in Alamosa, Colorado, attributed to flying saucer, there were several strange incidents in the area. One witness, a University student, wrote a letter to Riley Crabb, director of the Borderland Sciences Research Foundation, in which he told of odd things which had happened to him after his consecutive sightings of a bright UFO on September 17, 1967, and another made in the company of 100 fellow students at Highlands University, the following Wednesday. "The day immediately after this sighting I received a phone call from a friend who said that his life had been threatened if he so much as mentioned the incident to higher authorities. He said I should refrain from doing the same."


A week later, Crabb's correspondent was out riding with a detective who serves as night police on the campus. They drove up into the mountains near Gallinas canyon to get a view of the town. Suddenly, a light appeared in the sky. At first it didn't seem to be different from any other aircraft. Then it moved erratically and reversed direction without the circular deviation of known aircraft. It declined in the Eastern horizon near an old water tower, located above five miles distant from the witnesses. "We decided to take a chance and raced full speed in that direction. By the time we arrived, there was a series of small brush fires near the tower. After extinguishing these we searched the area for the culprit. There was a deserted ranch house nearby with a wooden fence. On the other side of the fence was a sharp decline into the canyon. Upon reaching this fence we stopped to obtain our direction and radio in a report. Just as suddenly as you blink an eye it became terribly hot. The area immediately before us in the decline became blood red. At that moment an object about 50 to 75 feet in diameter shot straight up into the sky at fantastic speed. The object was blood red. After an intense overall search of the area we radioed in for official help."


Two days later the student received a phone call late at night warning him that it would be better if he forgot what he had seen. Above all he was told that he should tell no one about his experience, because they wouldn't believe him anyway. "The next day a stranger met me in the street on my way into town. He knew about everything revolving around the sighting and even added information that confirmed some of my own research on Atlantis. About the sighting he made an open threat to keep my mouth shut."


A few days after his encounter, he was again walking downtown along the road when a black car came speeding in his direction. "It veered over and almost hit me. I was too angered and shaken to forget that car. The windows were not clear glass, but tinted a smoky color, making it impossible to see the occupants. The rear license plate did not register any state. It showed nothing but three X's."


Even this was not the end of the student's encounter with an unknown. "Toward the end of October, while having a cup of coffee at my favorite cafe, a shot broke the monotony of the smoke-filled room. The bullet came through the front window and slammed into the wall about an inch above my head. Had I not just bent over to sip my coffee I would have been dead!"


This was followed by a streak of bad luck and freak accidents. After being bed-ridden for two weeks with pneumonia and failing his studies, he began to take the hint. "I've lost all hopes of returning to Highlands University. Here I am back home and unemployed, and classified 1-A."


The officer who had been with the student during the spectacular sighting later lost his job and was divorced by his wife.



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