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Physical Evidence

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Physical Evidence


If a common denominator is to be found in any of the MIB cases, it appears to be that these individuals are greatly concerned with any physical evidence, any piece of actual hardware being in the hands of contactees. It almost appears as if they are determined to confiscate any material which could easily prove UFOs to be real at any cost-even death. We can't forget soon enough the Maury Island case, which involved "slag," or let's take, for example, the story Brad Steiger relates: "Late one evening in mid-February, 1968, I received a long distance phone call from a close friend of mine who is a traveling salesman for a large automotive parts company. "Hey, Brad," he said, after telling me that he was calling from a city about 300 miles from my home, "Would you believe that I'm in the midst of a damned saucer flap? A mother and daughter say they saw a UFO in their field. Several farmers have been seeing UFOs land regularly. Hell, the locals here drive out on certain evenings and watch the things hover over high-tension wires. Everyone in town, including the cops, take the things as a matter of course."


Brad asked his friends to investigate first hand and report to him in a few days. Two nights later the salesman called back. He had managed to track down the various stories and was astonished at the high level of intelligence shown by most of the witnesses. His entire manner of conversation had changed as well as his former skepticism about UFOs. He asked Brad several questions which led the concerned researcher to believe that he had somehow had a bout with the MIB. Informed it would probably be best if he left the town, he told the Iowa author that he was going to stay on and would call the next morning. "The next night his call never came. At midnight I tried calling his motel and was told that my friend had never checked into a room at that roadside inn," Steiger recounts. "I persisted and told the clerk that my friend had been registered there for nearly a week. At last, she found the card, expressed amazement that it had been pulled from its regular place in the file. I was unable to make connection with him that night. The next morning I was comforted to hear his sleepy voice answer my call. He had just begun to fill me in on what he had uncovered when we got cut off. It took my operator five minutes and three channels to re-establish our call."


When the call was finally completed again, the automotive parts salesman told Brad that he had been given "something" and would have to stay over another night to complete his investigation. What was this something; Three days before, a farmer had given him a specimen of a metal which that man had seen falling from a UFO. The farmer had kept one for himself. "Two nights later I was surprised to find my friend at my door. He had driven nearly 300 miles out of his way to come to see me; he looked terrible. Dark circles rimmed his bloodshot eyes and it was apparent that he had not slept for quite some time. He told me that he had returned to his hotel with the specimen only to find two men waiting in his room for him. They had already gotten the farmer's piece and wanted his."


Standing before Brad, trembling in fear and rage, he wanted to know what all this meant, and how the men knew he had the metal specimen to begin with! "Besides being specific about what would happen to me, if I didn't give them the material," Steiger's friend said, "They told me it was for the good of `my family, my country and my world.'"



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