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Mystery on the Mohawk

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Mystery on the Mohawk


For a period of approximately four years, an area on the banks of New York State barge canal (Mohawk River) in Scotia, New York, was the site for very unusual MIB-type activities.


According to Jennifer Stevens, a highly qualified UFO investigator from Schenectady, in April of 1967, a woman, identified only as "Peggy G." was walking a friend to her car at about 11:00 PM. The two stopped to watch what appeared to be a very large bright star. As they watched the "star," it began to get closer and before they knew it the object was hovering a short distance from them. Suddenly, a baseball-sized projectile shot from the larger UFO, went whizzing over their heads and disappeared into the trees across the street.


Nothing more was seen for a period of six weeks. Then Peggy called Mrs. Stevens and told her that there had been additional sightings in the immediate vicinity of her home. Also, some of her neighbors had reported animals missing. One of the neighbors had told several people that "little men" had kidnaped her dog.


Peggy also stated that she had experienced "poltergeist" activity in her home, beginning shortly after her original sighting. She had seen the shadow of a man materialize and then disappear on several occasions, and had also seen objects in the house moving, apparently by themselves. Her cat, she said, had suddenly taken to hissing, spitting, and arching its back at nothing which could be seen.


During the Christmas season these manifestations got worse and finally came to a climax with the meeting of a strange man. In order to make extra money, Peggy had taken on an afternoon job in a local department store while her children were at school and her husband at the office. After she had worked in the store for only a few days, a man employed as a guard approached her and seemed interested in telling her something. At lunch the man, whom Peggy describes as being "old and yet young," informed her that he was a member of a secret organization working on earth called the "Cosmic Brotherhood." He told her that at one time he had been a professor in a well-known college and was incredibly old. A co-worker over heard the conversation, and mumbled under his breath that the security guard was crazy. This time the guard looked up and half shouted, "If you don't get away from here and forget what you've heard, I'll turn myself into the most horrible thing you've ever seen." As Peggy watched, rays of light shot from the security officer's eyes and the other worker retreated in terror. Not too long after this the guard left his job and attempts to track him down have been fruitless.


In February of 1968, two young men were returning home late one evening when they claim to have come upon a flying saucer which was resting on the frozen Mohawk River. They thought they could see the outline of a white-suited human form near the craft.


According to Mrs. Stevens, the next morning some 300 yards from where the UFO had been seen, a 16 year old boy was found dead. His body had been frozen deeply into the ice. "The police called it `death due to exposure,' but they were unable to explain why his tracks showed that he had apparently been running, then dragging one foot as if pulled from above," Jennifer points out with concern.


On subsequent nights after the strange death, Jennifer and a group of investigators from a local UFO organization patrolled the river bank to see if they could gather further clues. "After several nights of freezing toes and noses, we had a good sighting of our own. An oval, red-glowing object fluttered in silence. It hovered, blinked off and on in a five-four pattern. I grabbed a bright flashlight and signaled back in an identical manner. In a moment the UFO blinked back. This exchange went on for several minutes, and then the object began to come toward us. The hair began to rise on the back of my neck. Had I done a stupid thing? Were we in trouble?" Just then a plane appeared overhead, the object blinked out and disappeared from view.


This was not, however, the end of the eerie entanglement with these little understood aspects of the UFO enigma. Several days after the events on the Mohawk, Jennifer's husband was seated in a cafeteria sipping a cup of hot coffee when a strange man took the stool next to him. Without any introduction the mysterious stranger began to discuss, with a great degree of knowledge, the events surrounding the UFO sighting.


He began with, "There have been people watching the sky every night down by the river in Scotia." Mr. Stevens was rather shocked since he had been one of those involved, but keeping his cool he said, "I beg your pardon?" The man then went on to talk about UFOs. He refused to answer any questions directly and either parried or avoided them completely. Before leaving he warned, "People who look for UFOs should be very, very careful."


This meeting with a possible MIB was followed by usual pattern of phone calls and poltergeist activity in the Steven's household. At about this time, Peggy G. Also reported interference on her telephone and claims she observed two light-skinned men with completely expressionless faces, stringing silver tape over the wires near her home. After calling the police they disappeared as if listening in on her call. Later one of the officers remarked unconsciously, "Oh, the silver tape again."


During the next three weeks all parties involved were repeatedly followed by a light blue Lincoln which would even park outside their homes, sometimes for hours.


The mystery of the strange death on the Mohawk, the disappearance of neighborhood pets, the weird poltergeist phenomena and the sightings of the UFO themselves have never been explained. They are part and parcel of the flying saucer mystery.



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