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History of the Agents of Terror

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History of the Agents of Terror


Visits by unknown agents are seeded throughout UFO literature and newspaper accounts of flying saucer sightings. For many years they were overlooked or not recognized for what they were. The history of demonology, witchcraft and the occult is filled with similar incidents leading one to speculate that the UFO phenomena is at least partly "psychic" in nature.


For example, long-time Atlanta-based researcher Allen Greenfield has pointed out that there is usually a consistent reference associating the term "black men" with the devil, along with a mention of an Indian-like appearance supposedly attributed to the devil by witches. There appears to have been a "wave," Greenfield notes, of these cases starting at about the time of the Elizabethan post-Reformation era in the 1600s. Several occult volumes classify these beings into a group of their own and refer to them as Men in Black, demons, devil, apparition, black man-the latter being the most commonly used.


One such instance (taken from Montague Summer's book "The Werewolf") involves the case of a werewolf, and a "Lord of the Forest," described as being tall and dark, dressed in black. And in" Witchcraft" by Penethore Hughes, there is an allusion to the Devil's form of dress as being black.


But such tales from the 1600s were not uncommon to the North American colonies at the time. There is a brief mention by Cotton Mather, the famed witch-hunter of colonial New England, of the "Black Man" mentioned by the Indians. Most interesting is the instance of a man dressed in black alluded to at the Witch trials in Salem, supposedly being the devil who had been the cause of all the disturbance.


American folklore holds many frightening tales of the, devil, or demons, who roam the countryside on a dark horse-as opposed to today's MIB who arrive in dark autos. There are other tales of encounters with the devil in the woods and apparitions which seem to fit within the context of this enigma.


In the book "Flying Saucers in the Bible" by Virginia Brasington (Saucerian 1966), there is a fantastic story of the "Great Seal" of the United States and its mysterious origin which seems to hint of an "MIB." Supposedly the design was given to Thomas Jefferson while walking in his garden one night by a man in a flowing black cape. The seal is actually a reproduction of the lost city of Petra in northern Arabia, once controlled by a mysterious Arabian race know as Nabataeans. Many persons have described the ancient city as "half as old as time" and it is obviously the work of a very advanced technology for its rime.


The Men in Black also appeared during several UFO flaps in the last century. In 1864, a UFO dropped several artifacts over a small community in Texas. They were placed by the citizens of the town in the front window of a store on the main street of town. The next day a "traveling dealer" stopped by and offered the shopkeeper a "good price" for the objects and carted them away with him. Several similar incidents happened in 1897 and `98. Many of the occupants observed during this period were said to have Oriental features, dark complexions, slight stature and a heavy, undefinable accent-identical to the features described by observers of the MIB, who continue to harass and frighten witnesses to this very day.



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