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An Amazing Landing

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An Amazing Landing


A parallel account was once described to me by the late Gray Barker, who was president of Saucerian Books, publisher of various flying saucer volumes. He heard about the case while attending a convention for audio-visual products. Striking up a conversation with one of the sales personnel, the man Mr. Barker was speaking to related a saucer incident involving the MIB, which he had personally encountered during the course of his work.


While waiting to talk with the principal of an elementary school in Arko, Utah, his attention was drawn to a drawing on a bulletin board in the hallway, captioned "My True Flying Saucer Story."


Asking some of the children who were walking through the hall what the illustration was all about, he managed to put together a truly weird story in which one of the seventh graders, Robert McCallister, actually claims to have possessed an artifact given to him by some UFOnauts.


The youth was trapping coyotes during the Christmas holidays, hoping the bounties he would collect would add to the fund which would help send his scout troop to Salt Lake City for a state meeting. Checking his traps in an isolated area, he suddenly came upon a strange circular vehicle hovering about six feet above the ground. His first thought was that it was one of the government's "hovercrafts" he had seen in Scholastic Magazine, an educational school publication, so he had no qualms about approaching to a few feet of the contrivance. The machine made no noise. It was about 15 feet in diameter, and had triangular-shaped ports about three feet apart. No person seemed to be inside or about the craft.


Then from behind some rocks emerged a rather odd group. Three persons, tall, their heads encased in helmets like divers wear, held onto a cable, onto which was attached, about ten feet off the ground, a kind of chair, which seemed to be floating, as if attached to an invisible balloon. On the chair sat a smiling, apparently aged man, with striking silver hair and a wide smile. The silver-haired man wore no helmet, no uniform but a kind of blue flowing tunic, and sandals. Moving as if they did not notice him at all, the three "floated" the chair to the machine, in which a door suddenly opened, through which the chair floated. Two of the men also entered the door floating upward to it. When the door closed, there was no indication any opening had been there.


The man remaining outside approached Robert, and placing his arm about him, led him all around the craft, speaking in a strange language and pointing all the while at various features of the craft, such as a protruding antenna-like device and a thing like a rudder. All the while, Robert thought that perhaps the man might be a Russian astronaut and remembered he had read somewhere that Russians were friendly people. He was enjoying the strange experience and when asked why he wasn't afraid he said there was no reason to be. Finally the man noted a ball point pen in the boy's pocket and pointed to it, Robert unclipped the pen and handed it to the man, whereupon the man withdrew a piece of very thick paper from an inside pocket and scribbled with the pen on it. He handed it back, whereupon Robert motioned him to keep it. The man smiled and seemed to be delighted with the small gift. Then he reached inside his pocket again, and with drew a somewhat similar object, and exchanged it with the boy.


Just then the door again opened and the man floated up to it and disappeared, after waving for Robert to move back. He retreated a few yards, then turned to watch the craft again, but the door opened again, and the same man once again motioned for him to move further away. Robert retreated for about a hundred yards, and then turned to observe the machine, which was then rising slowly and soundlessly. Suddenly it shot upward at incredible speed.


When Robert breathlessly told his story to his parents and older brother they laughed at him, and told him he was too old to be making up such stories. Then he took the object the "spaceman" had given him out of his pocket and showed it to them. It was a black plastic tube, all in one piece, with a glass or plastic point at the end, and with an opening from which a sepia-colored ink flowed onto paper when written with.


When school resumed after New Years, Robert brought the pen to school and told his classmates about his experience. The teacher, while not believing his story, allowed Robert to pass the pen around. Unfortunately, by the time Mr. Barker's acquaintance found out about the incident, the "pen" had already been "lost."


After showing it all through the school that day, he was doing his homework, alone at his house. His older brother was at basketball practice; his mother and father had taken two younger children with them to the supermarket.


There was a knock at the door. A small, obsequious, smiling man, stood there, making motions along with talking in a weird gibberish language. Then the man exhibited a "deaf mute card," the standard item offered for sale by deaf solicitors, showing hand signals, which is the deaf alphabet. Robert figured the man wanted a contribution, and he motioned for the man to wait there while he went back into the living room for some change. When he offered the coins to the man, he would not accept them, but instead pointed to the card and made various signals. Then he motioned toward the pen in the boy's shirt pocket and indicated that it be given to him to write with. As soon as Robert handed him the pen, the man clutched it in his fist and ran around the house at a remarkably speedy gait. Robert heard a car motor rev up behind the house and the screech of tires "burning rubber."


Gray concluded his story to me by stating that an investigation disclosed that nobody else in the neighborhood has been solicited by deaf mutes. The young student told his story at school the next day, and his classmates were disappointed his "outer space pen" had been stolen. They collected some money and bought him an expensive pen and pencil set, which he exhibited proudly to the salesman when interviewed. Thus, the search for physical evidence hit another snag.



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