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Admission of Experiences with MIBs

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Admission of Experiences with MIBs


Subj: UFO Disinformation

Date: 97-12-06 12:30:44 EST

From: (Jane Cartwright)

To: SHnSASSY1@AOL.COM (Mrs. Louise A. Lowry)


In answer to Pat Welsh's "Swan Song" dated 10-30-97.


From PUFOR = Paranormal and UFO Research.


I am just now getting over 80 E-mail messages which took me over three weeks to receive. One of them being the above.


The Disinformation regarding UFO subjects is with out a doubt a WAR.


You must realize how ever that when an agency threatens you, your family and your High ranking Military relatives and their families, YOU do what they want. No questions asked. I've spent 40 years of my life jumping at the sound of a telephone or a door bell. I've constantly looked over my shoulders when I left my residence to see if I was followed. I have lived in total fear for the lives of my loved ones. All the government has to do is contact someone and threaten their family, to have them suddenly change their opinions regarding the UFO syndrome.


Unless YOU have had that experience then I can not tell you what it is like. Words are cheap, but instilled fear is not, it come at a very high emotional price. That is paid for by emotional stress, the inability to talk to your family or to trust anyone. It breaks up happy marriages and family trust. It is probably worse than brainwashing. Because you know if you say anything and the word get's out YOU are DEAD and maybe some of your family members too. Yes it sure as hell is a WAR out there. Many people are afraid to talk.


I've had eight operations for the removal of 23 tumors. They can not hurt me any more, God has taken care of that. At age 63 they are no longer interested in me. The only thing I worry about is the tumor they can not remove in my head.


The WAR is self preservation. We have two governments one apparently does not know the other. But they do co-exist. One being a people government and the other being a covert government. Example what goes on at area 51, Sector 4. Dulce, Alamagordo, Edwards AFB, White Sands AFB. ETC. , If any of you know someone who can recommend a publisher for my 68,000 word manuscript which I want to have published, please have them write to


Car-Mac Ent. 4319 E-50 Drive, Crawford, CO. 81415-9725. Thank You.



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