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Ghostly Occurrences - The Ouija

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Ghostly Occurrences - The Ouija


Ghostly Occurrences By Donna Miller


The Ouija


When we were young adults, we were at my parents home who had moved in with my grandfather to take care of him after my dad mother died. We lived right next door to each other as my parents built a home on a parcel of family land. It was unusual that all three of us kids were there at the same time, and I can't even remember what the occasion was now, but anyway, we were all there. Someone had brought a Ouija board and we thought we would have some fun and recreation, as we had never really played with one before. We were asking the board all kinds of silly questions at first, and then we started to ask more serious questions. My sister and I were working the board, and the rest of the family were sitting around watching the pointer. My dad and brother were out in the kitchen talking and leaning against the counter top. Someone said to ask who was working the board, so of course we did. The pointer actually spelled out the name Pearl, who was my grandmother. As God is my witness, as soon as the pointer hit the "l" we heard this terrific crash in the kitchen. The cupboard door flew open, and a cup that had been hanging on a hook flew out and hit my father in the face! I thought that my brother was going to have a heart attack. My father ranted and raved, because in his whole life he had never seen anything like it. In fact, none of us had, but most of us were just too incredulous to even speak when we realized what had happened. My brother was so scared that he actually ran out of the room and he was probably 30 at the time. My father was an only child and he was spoiled rotten until the day he passed away, and we could never quite figure why Grandma would throw a cup at dad, unless it was the only thing she could make move. he he Well, we got to going with that board after that, and we even had dad asking questions to it. Once again, we asked a question that we never could find the answer to throughout our whole lives, again a story that had come down through the years. We asked the board where the silver certificates were that had been buried somewhere on the property. It spelled out 15 stair. Well, we were all into this board because it had told us so many things, that we knew were right, so my dad got a hammer. The 15th stair was on the attic stairway. We tore that stairway apart and found nothing. Then my brother said it really wasn't the 15th stair, because there were four steps going down cellar and three up into the house in the entry way. Well, to make a long story short, we counted to 15 again, and tore the 15th stair apart which happened to be in the middle of the main stairway in the house which was carpeted, but sure wasn't when we got through. My father was even helping he was so convinced. Well, when the guys took the top of the 15th stair off, inside the stair were several old family papers that had been there since the late 1800's and a pass book for a bank account that said it had $700 in it. No one knew of the bank as it was in NYC and had account had belonged to a cousin of my grandfathers who was long since dead. Now this took place in 1970. None of our family knew that those papers were there. My Dad finally contacted the bank in NY and the $700 was there plus over $4000+ accumulation. It was the most unbelievable thing that had ever happened in our family. I think that we only used the board a couple of times after that, because we knew enough not to mess with something that had served it's purpose. For some reason, we just had no interest, or maybe it was the fear of finding out too many things. I don't know. But the urge to experiment was gone.



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