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Ghostly Occurrences - Last Visit Home

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Ghostly Occurrences - Last Visit Home


Ghostly Occurrences By Donna Miller


Last Visit Home


When my mother was a young girl, during a really bad thunder and lighting storm, they all sat around the fire waiting for her older sister and 2 brothers to return from town. They were over two hours late so the men in the house went out to search. Several more hours went by, and they still could not find out what had happened to them. My mother fell asleep, as she was only a young girl. She dreamt that they were under the bridge which was about a mile from their house. When she awoke, she insisted that her father and brothers go to the bridge. Now they had passed this spot several times in the last few hours. When they got there, it was just about dusk, and they could see a faint light shining up into the sky from the water. The car had gone off the bridge and sunk rear end first. My aunt survived by a thin thread, but the other brother was dead. He had drowned in the car. My aunt had come to and found an air pocket to survive. The rest of the family were at home waiting around the fire for any word. All of a sudden, the fire rared up and the log split in two. Of course everyone looked up all of a sudden, and there in the middle of the fire was a perfect image of my uncle. They knew before the men got home that he was dead. The image was explicitly perfect and it was seen by all ten people in the room. My grandmother, always said that it gave her peace of mind to know that he had the power to send a message to them, and that they knew right then and there that he had gone to a better place.



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