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The Stone-Throwing Spook of Little Dixie

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The Stone-Throwing Spook of Little Dixie


They showed me some copies of symbols the poltergeist had allegedly drawn. One was the astronomical sign for Saturn. Something like an electro-magnetic breeze brushed by my shins. I was ready to leave.


"He gets more active at night," Twyla said. "Can't you stay till this evening?


No, you look pale already, maybe you'd better go."


Pale indeed. I was ready to leave. Driving away, I reflected that the McWethys were very good people. I could see why a ghost would pick them. It told them, they said, that it learned to talk by watching television with them...


When I asked Mrs. McWethy why she thought it picked them out, she told me: "It said it's `cause we stay up late at night." I found that comment interesting; it reminded me of something that Eileen Garrett, the famous Irish medium, once said: that for a ghost to manifest, the family in the house has to create a nest for it..." --"The Stone-Throwing Spook of Little Dixie"



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