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TWA 800: The Controversy Continues

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TWA 800: The Controversy Continues


Excert taken from Parascope Newsletter


The CIA used a "video simulation" to conclude that witnesses to the crash of TWA Flight 800 didn't see a missile striking the plane -- they merely saw pieces of the plane disintegrating and jet fuel igniting before they heard the sound of the explosion. How thoughtful of them to take care of that lingering doubt for us. The CIA, of course, would NEVER lie, and these newfangled "video simulations" are never wrong, right? But for some reason, these *#&%@# conspiracy nuts just won't drop their wacko theories that maybe, just MAYBE, there was more to the crash than the government was willing to admit, for reasons stemming from own culpability in the disaster. As the FBI attempts to slam the door on TWA 800 for good, controversy over incident blazes on. We'll have an update on the latest news related to the case.




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