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Death: Dressed In White

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Death: Dressed In White



By Hans Russell, visionary. 14 September, 1997.


I have been dreaming again. Here is a nightmare to share with the faint of heart, and the brave alike.


A while back, I saw in the clouds, something that gave me a strong thought about volcanoes. I told Jean Pierre to watch the news for erupting volcanoes Two days later, he reported to me about Montserrat.


Later, I saw extreme weather, and the coastline of California I told Jean Pierre. But I came across the news of El Nino myself. The reports and predictions are very severe.


The project HAARP is rumored to be capable of affecting the weather. The ice age is overdue. Winter approaches. Observing the last few years, there have been some weather problems of severity.


I read a report on Phikent's site, permission from David Kressman, Director, STA. In it was a neat summary about the "zapping" during Art Bell's show. One caller mentioned, said something about "major population centers" going to be hit by disasters, and that the Government knows this. Another caller claimed to be from Area 51 (S1?), and said his job was to close gaps, and the first caller would not be heard from again. The network had been "pulsed".


Another caller said that there were some workers from the Cheyenne Mountain nuclear-hardened underground base going around persuading people to move to South America.


The world is over-populated. Wars risk nuclear contamination. I was dreaming that it could be so, if there is truth in various bits of information, that a mini ice-age could hit the Northern Hemisphere pretty darn quick.


It would be a temporary one, Killing off many millions of humans. After that, The survivors would have a world with less pollution, more food, and all the benefits of accumulated knowledge.


Do the survivors to be KNOW who they are? Are they ready even at this moment?


Death would not be overnight, and a lot of clean-up would be required to be done. Naturally, FEMA would come in effect, similar to the prediction by Milton William Cooper, in his book, "Behold a Pale Horse"




If a volcano DID erupt drastically, filling the atmosphere with poisons and dust, the warmth from the sun would be blocked . . . .


But again dreaming, of course, I see that earthquakes can be re-directed through underground explosions They can use explosions to take some of the stress off a fault line. Can volcanoes be triggered by bombs?


Nature can be almost as drastic as humans, sometimes. I'm scared just a little bit, that my nightmare is now everybody's nightmare The frequency topic on Phikent's site, coming from me and other sources, needs some explaining It needs explaining in the sense that, if there really IS something going on (besides my imagination), then what is it? Why is it happening? Why would Art Bell be blocked from broadcasting IF it was intentional, during the testimony of a man who screamed and screeched while trying to warn us (ostensibly)?


May we rest in peace . . .



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