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A Fond Farewell to the Founder of Skywatch

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A Fond Farewell to the Founder of Skywatch


A Fond Farewell to the Founder of Skywatch International


On November 22nd we were informed of the passing of our dear friend, Colonel Steve Wilson, after fighting cancer for a long time. I have found that his strength and endurance will forever be present in a organization that he Founded "Skywatch International".


Even though Skywatch may be going though some growing pains, you will find the never ending helping hands from it's members and directors...please check for updates at Executive Director Bill Hamilton


A. --- Eulogy for Colonel Steve Wilson --- 11/25/97


We have all experienced a loss with the passing of Colonel Steve Wilson last Friday. This brave and forthright man, former head of USAF/Nat'l Recon Org.'s UFO-confiscating Project Pounce, and most recently director of Skywatch Internet UFO newsgroup, dared to admit that he was no longer proud of many things he had done for the UFO Cover-Up. In an attempt to correct things, he embarked on a daring program of publicly revealing detailed information about U.S.- manufactured antigravity craft, their origin from ET technology, and the key organizations and individuals involved in the UFO Cover-Up.

For his patriotic efforts to respect the right of the people in a democracy to know what their government is doing, the Colonel was threatened with death more than once. He had to move and kept personal details private.


He succeeded magnificently in helping blow the lid off the UFO Cover-Up. He is an example of the maxim that personal integrity is always the core morality, and takes precedence over secrecy contracts demanded by extra-constitutional shadow agencies.


As he moves back to Source, let us each pause for a moment to recall and honor an officer, a patriot, and a true American.


- Richard Boylan, Ph.D.



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