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Childhood Sighting

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Childhood Sighting


A Craft Sighting

By Louise A Lowry


As I think back on this time in my life, I have found it very weird as I have started learning about more and more of these kinds of sightings. Here is my story!


Not quite sure as I sit here thinking what year it was, but it was either 1960 or 61' in the summer time. It was either at the end of July or the being of August. Being 8 or 9 years old at the time this part of the remembering really didn't play any kind of roll with me. I use to travel and spend my summers with my Aunt and Uncle and my 3 cousins (twin girls Denise and Darlene) an my other cousin Butchie. All of this took place in a small town where they lived in Trappe Maryland which is right outside of Cambridge.


One evening as we had finished up our dinner and we were all cleaning up and Butchie was the one that took out the was about 8PM-8:30PM the light was still strong and it had been a very hot day. This was a week of a considerable heat wave going on. As us girls were cleaning up the dishes...Butchie came running in "SCREAMING" "There is something flying in the back field, hurry come see!" This back field that he is talking about is a baseball field that sits behind the local church....we have alwayed played fact in this small town it was the only place to play.


So my Uncle Butch, Butchie, my other 2 cousins and myself ran out the door and though their back yard till we came to the ball field. At first it was so unbelievable that we just stood there, but being children I guess we want a closer look, we walked though the gate and walked to the first base side dugout. Then we preceded to climb it to be closer to this thing. My uncle stay on the ground!


It was silver-gray in color we didn't see any windows or doors or for that matter any kinds of seams.... that you would see on a plane. I have only saw this type of craft in a few pictures it was the kind that had what looked like 3 large balls underneath it. This Craft was about 90 feet in diameter. We pretty much had the size down since it was much bigger than the baseball diamond which runs 60 feet from base to base. The funny thing I really remember was how I was thinking well how is it just hanging there... .there was no noise at all...just a very slight hum... but I must repeat very slight! A Few of us tried to touch this thing flying there. It was about 10 feet off the ground and about 20 feet from us. But of course being on the dugout it seemed like it was sitting right on top of our laps. As we sat there we had to keep on covering our eyes, the dust was being kicked up by the craft and at times was flying into our eyes. My Uncle did nothing but stand there and watched. We chattered about "What is it?" "How come there is no sound from something as this big?" After a few minutes this craft started to lift up ever so slowly, it just keep on going up straight till it was like a helium balloon way up there that you could hardly seen then it just took off.


As people has asked me "Did you have any sun burn?" no there were no marks at all of any kind of burns on us. Also I was asked was there any missing time, I know there was not.


Now the other part of this story is very strange. My Uncle worked as the Marine State Police in Maryland, so after this happened. I knew he had called someone about this sighting he was very excited. All us kids went upstairs to watch out the window. I think we spent half the night doing this. After my uncle called he was walking around the place like a cat on a hot tin roof. I'm not really sure if he was upset or nervous.


The next day when my uncle came home from work. He called all us kids together for a sort of pow-wow. But we knew something was the matter, cause he was physically upset and then he started talking we knew me meant what he said. He told us that we were never to talk about this to anyone and we were to keep our mouths shut! He said we didn't see nothing...and he kept saying "DO YOU UNDERSTAND"....I will never forget this cause we were all trying to say But BUT...and he kept saying to "SHUT UP" repeating over and over. That we were not to talk to no one about this thing we saw. Or we could get into big trouble!


So of course we all told him we would not say anything. That day later was another thing! We were told to stay inside the house till we were told that we could go out again. As we stayed in we started to see these people walking around out back. They were heading for the baseball field. They were carrying some kind instruments. But being young I didn't know what they were doing. Well for the rest of that day they were there. The following day we started to watch them again when we started to comment on a strange person that was just standing there. The reason we commented on him was cause he was wearing all BLACK....and being that it had been very hot these past few days we all knew that black clothing drew heat. Well here this guy was never talking to anyone and just watching, dressed in black with a hat that was also black, but really looked to big for his head.


This is pretty much the end of the story. I really haven't had any other encounters except the sighting of the large craft around the moon. My uncle died in 95 and went to his death bed never saying a word on it. I talked with my 2 twin cousins and they both have had other sightings. But chie visited me when he was at the Warminister Naval War, Air and Research Center, he is in the service and travels around. He confided in me of telling me of a number of encounters. Plus he also thinks there is an implant in his knee. This was verified by 2 doctors at our last talk. They both asked him when he had surgery on the knee and he told them he never did. So the encounter goes on.



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