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More Dead Birds In Kentucky, HAARP Project To Blame?

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More Dead Birds In Kentucky, HAARP Project To Blame?


As more and more instances of dead birds pop up across the country, a new theory is being considered by those trying to figure out what is causing the deaths. Now, there are reports that dying birds have been spotted in Kentucky. This marks the third state in which falling dead birds have been spotted.


In recent days, birds have literally beenfalling from the skies in Arkansas and in Louisiana, and fish have been dying by the hundreds of thousands as well.


Now the birdpocalypse is being blamed on the HAARP project.


TheHigh Frequency Active Auroral Research Program , A.K.A. HAARP, is a project investigating the upper atmosphere's ionosphere in hopes that we can create improved communications and surveillance tools.


The HAARP project, though, has long been a hot button amongst conspiracy theorists, who believe that the program's research involves experiments with cataclysmic consequences for our planet, including so-called "death rays" and weather manipulation projects.


So is there a HAARP conspiracy? Probably not. There's probably no secret government bird testing going on either, and I seriously doubt the birds were suffering from any sort of trauma. One thing is certain, though. We probably haven't seen the last of

these bizarre animal deaths.



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